Thursday, April 29, 2010


April 26 – We left Goldsboro Monday morning and drove straight to TT Chesapeake Bay. Julia, Head Ranger, met us at the Ranger Station and welcomed us back. As we were coming through the gate, Ru, Assistant Manager, drove in behind us and welcomed us back, too. It was good to be “home”.

After hooking up, the first thing Ken did was to go down to Mike’s site and borrow the golf cart. We have really gotten spoiled using the cart while here at Chesapeake Bay.
We drove around the campground. The Iris, Azaleas and purple Pomona were all in bloom.

The River was beautiful and peaceful on the day we arrived. It would be dark and covered with white caps the next day!!

We drove over to the Pickleball courts and saw Mira and Renee playing. Krystal, Nate and their two boys are also here, but they play either in the afternoon or at night. We decided to play later Monday afternoon, but that same day the weather turned frigid and windy!!! The cold and wind continued until today, Thursday!!

We drove the cart around again today to see who is here. That’s when we saw “Mama”. Actually, she’s Tim’s mother but everyone at the campground calls her “Mama”. We were really surprised to discover that she has sold her motor home and bought a View to use for traveling and,
she also bought a Trailer to keep on her site at Chesapeake Bay.

Enjoy, Mama!!

We also noticed that Ron is here in their usual site. Kathryn will be coming down for the weekend. You see, Kathryn, he does NOT actually work all the time!!!

We ran into Mira and Renee heading for the Pickleball courts about 5 o’clock so we joined them for a few games. It was a lot of fun to be back on the courts!!

I volunteered to teach line dancing on Friday and Saturday afternoons when we are here!! Looking forward to that tomorrow.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


April 23 – 25 – On our way to Virginia we stopped in Goldsboro to spend the weekend with my daughter, Stasia, and her family. Stasia has a friend who owns a farm and we hook up there whenever we are in town.

My grandson, Michael, was playing in a Conference Baseball game at the High School on Friday night. We hooked up the RV and met them at the game. [See Article CONFERENCE BASEBALL GAME, April 23.]

Another ball game was scheduled for Saturday night. Before the game, Ken prepared Italian Sausage subs for everyone.

Jake helping Ken prepare dinner!

The final product!! UUUMMMMMMMMMMM!

After dinner pictures! Gene, Faye, Stasia, Ken and Jake!
Plus the frying pan!!

Michael acting silly!

Jake was pooped!!

It turned out the game was rained out. So we stayed at Stasia’s and we taught them to play Euchre. It was Ken’s lucky night and it seemed the guys would win everything. Stasia kept telling them we would have to play until the girls won a game!! Fortunately, we were able to win the third game and Ken and I could go back to the RV!!


April 25 - On Sunday, we prepared breakfast for everyone at the RV and then I went to church with the family. Later on Sunday, Ken and Gene watched the NASCAR Race, so Stasia and I took advantage of that time to do a little line dancing.

Stasia and Gene took us to Outback for dinner on Sunday evening.

The chef overcooked our Steaks and had to prepare them again.

They gave us complementary desserts for having to wait!! Chocolate Thunder!!

Saying good-Bye to Michael, Stasia and Gene in front of Stasia's new Toyota Camry!!

It was a wonderful weekend!!! WHAT FUN!!!


April 23 - The Wayne County Senior Games presented their Annual Silver Arts Follies on Thursday night. It is the Arts portion of the Senior Games.

Stasia, in her job with Parks and Recreation, is very much involved with the organization and conduct of the Senior Games. A group of Seniors from her group, the Silver Tappers, performed their routine to “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”, and got their pictures in the Goldsboro newspaper!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


April 23 - My grandson, Michael, was playing in a Conference Baseball game at the High School on Friday night. We met them at the game. Stasia works with Seniors at Goldsboro Parks and Recreation, and when she told me it was “Senior” night at the game, I thought she meant it was a special night for us old folks. She, of course, meant High School Seniors!!

The back windshield of Michael's car announcing Senior Night!

Arriving at the game, we saw the Senior sign. Michael is No. 10.

The Seniors designated Senior night aa Black-Out night – they would all wear black. The baseball team wore black jerseys sent to them from by former player who is now with the Pittsburg Pirates farm team!

A group of students sitting in front of us wore black Warrior tee shirts that were sold by the Seniors as a money-making project.

Stasia called all the mothers of Seniors on the team and the Senior parents also wore black.

The nine Seniors on the team and their parents were honored on Friday night. They were each introduced as they were caled out to the field.

Michael in action!!

And in the Goldsboro newspaper!! "Michael Fields gobbles up a ground ball..."

It was a great game – one of the best -- with the Warriors winning over their archrivals, Aycock, by one to nothing, making the two teams tied for First in Conference Play. There are two more Conference games to play to determine the ultimate Conference Winner for 2010.

After game pictures. Ken and Faye.

Gene and Stasia.

Michael and his girlfriend, Jessica who is also a Senior this year.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


April 22 - Ken did not want to stay overnight at that Wal-Mart. Only 60 miles north on I-95, was the Walterboro Wal-Mart Supercenter, our usual stop-over when traveling North or South on I-95. We know Mark and Chris (Pheaton Place) have stayed here in their travels also.

We filled up the RV at Murphy USA, as usual, before finding a “site” for the night. Tonight there were at least a dozen other rigs in the parking lot. It’s a good thing we like the area near the auto service area – that was about the only place left. Have never seen so many RV’s here before!!


April 22 – We have never been to Hilton Head Island, SC. It is something I have always wanted to do and since we did not go with Barb and Mitch to the Rally in Tennessee after all, we had some extra travel time on our hands. This was a great opportunity to go to Hilton Head. We checked out the two RV resorts on the island. The cost to stay one night was exorbitant!! What should we do??

We called our friend Dennis back home in Richmond. He and Karen have been to Hilton Head many times. What should we do, Dennis? He suggested that we stay somewhere off the Island and drive in for the day. We took his advice and found a Wal-Mart Supercenter about 15 miles outside the Island. We left the RV at Wal-Mart and drove in.

Hilton Head was beautiful, lush and green but it was not at all as we expected. We thought it would something like Nags Head with lots of beaches, lots of sand, lots of ocean. Instead it was more an exclusive residential island with an abundance of foliage, trees and plants. In fact, the foliage was so thick we couldn’t see the island for the trees!!

We stopped at the first Visitor Center we saw for directions to the beaches!!
Flyers received at the Visitor's Center.

What she did not mention is that we would have to pay for a Pass into Sea Pines to get to the Beach. Ken was blocking traffic at the guard station trying to dig out his wallet to buy a Pass!

After paying the $5 pass fee to enter Sea Pines, we drove through more trees and villas with forest green mail boxes. My eyes hurt from seeing so much beautiful green scenery; but no beach! As we drove along, we couldn’t help but noticed how clean the entire Island was – not a piece of trash, not a weed, not even a cigarette butt!! We finally found the Beach!!

Here I am, Beach Beauty, posing right in front of not one but three trash cans!!
Views of the people on the beach.

Faye again with the people!
Ken is a Beach Beauty, too!

But, since we had not brought bathing suits or chairs with us, we just sat in a swing and enjoyed the sun, the breeze, and the view.
Views of the "Boardwalk". Actually, it was a small walkway from local shops to the beach.

Our swing - on the opposite side of the Boardwalk.

Since there was no boardwalk to walk along, and no scenic coastal drive, we decided we might as well have a late lunch/early dinner. After spending a little more time swinging at the beach, we went to the Lighthouse in Harbor Town.

We ate outside on the deck of The Quarterdeck Restaurant,
in front of the Lighthouse,
overlooking the marina.
We enjoyed their fried oysters and “chips”, UUUMMMMM!!
There were birds flying around and sitting on the chairs at the restaurant, but not a drop of bird poop allowed here!!

After eating we decided we had had enough of this All Too Perfect Island and went back to the RV.
I’m really glad we finally got to visit Hilton Head Island, but that’s something we don’t have to do again!!