Sunday, November 16, 2014


Thur - Nov. 13 - This afternoon we drove to Stanford to visit Ken's daughter Tracy.  She had just bought a Ford Focus and was anxious to show it to her Dad!

Tracy lives on a ranch in Sanford where she helps Chuck the owner raise Royalty Puppies for sale.  She told us that recently Evel Dick the winner of Big Bothers season 8 came by and scooped up their Aussie Angel..Apollo 

Later we went inside where we prepared some of our Garden Bloody Marys with V-8 juice, Vodka, hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, celery, olives, pickled okra, and Pepperoni.  UUUMMMMMM!  We have really enjoyed our Bloody Mary cocktails!!

Tracy prepared a delicious dinner of Chicken Piccata with lemon sauce and capers, wild rice and string beans.  We are going to have to learn to cook that delicious Chicken Piccata!!


Tue - Nov. 11 - We were leaving TT Peace River early this morning.  Apparently, when driving to the exit, Ken drove over a speed bump and one of the storage bin doors popped open.  Unfortunately, we were unaware that this had happened.  As Ken drove around the curve out to Highway 17, the open storage bin door hit one of the steel pools lining the circumference of the curve.  That knocked the door half way off so we could not drive.

Before leaving, we had to remove the damaged door completely.  Here is a picture of the damage taken after we arrived at the TT Orlando campground.  If it had to happen, this is the best door for it to happen to.  As you can see there is not much stored behind this door.

Now we have to decide where to have the repair work done.  We would like to go to the Tiffin Factory in Red Bay, Alabama but that is 635 miles away and we would not go until Spring.  Guess we will have to look around this area to see whom we might get to do the job.

Always something!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Nov 01 - 10 - Finally playing some Pickleball again!!  We have not been on the Pickleball courts for quite a while.  Just did not feel physically strong enough to play.  But here at TT Peace River we are feeling a bit stronger and anxious to get back on the courts.  There were at least four or six of us players who have been playing two or three games each morning.

Chuck and Heddy.

Ken and Art.

Faye with Chuck played against Heddy and Art.

And then one morning Tom drove over from Sebring to play.  Tom with Ken.

Buddy and Tom.

Travis is back at TT Peace River and he played us this morning.  Travis and Heddy.

 That made eight players this morning!!  We had enough players for two courts!!!
Heddy, Travis, Chuck, Art, Buddy, Tom, Faye and Ken.

Diane rode over to the courts in the golf cart with Buddy.  It was she who took the picture above.

Thanks everybody for playing Pickleball with us!  It has been so much fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Thur, Oct. 16 - We left TT Chesapeake Bay yesterday, heading to Florida.  We had made arrangements with Love's Truck Stop in Dillon, SC to purchase six new Michelin tires from them for our motorhome, Highway Runner.  UGH!!!  We had explained to them the type and size tires we needed and set an appointment for Thursday morning, October 16.  Love's arranged to have the required tires on hand.  .

Love's Tire Center, Dillon, SC

We contacted FMCA regarding their Michelin FMCA Tire Advantage Program and Love's submitted our bill through that program.  Guess we saved a few $$$ using the discount program!

Anyway, it's done now and we feel a lot more secure riding on six new tires!!


Sun, Oct. 19 - We got to Florida at our TT Orlando campground on Friday, October 17.  I called my brother Nelson to see if he was in Florida at his home in the Villages, and maybe we could get together.  He drove over to our campground on Sunday morning (about 70 miles) to spend the day with us

We started out with Garden Bloody Mary's.  I call them that because along with the Vodka we added V-8 juice, lime, celery, olives and pickled okra.  We learned how to make these really good Bloodys at the Bloody Mary Bar at Wallaby's anniversary brunch!!  UUMMMM!!  A little later we enjoyed our own brunch of sticky ham rolls and spinach salad.

Ken wanted to watch the NASCAR races that afternoon, so Nelson and I went to Downtown Disney (about 12 miles) and took the FREE Boat Rides!!!  FREE!!

Actually, the boats were a fleet of "taxis" or "ferries" that transport guests from the various Disney resorts located on the man-made Sassagoula River to Downtown Disney Marketplace on Lake Buena Vista (also Disney-made). It was not real exciting or thrilling as some boat rides, but it WAS very pleasant and relaxing.  A nice way to spend the day with my brother!!!

We boarded the ferry at Downtown Disney Boat Dock West near Cirque du Soleil and Hard Rock Cafe.

We took the "Local" Taxi to stops on Lake Buena Vista.

Fulton's Crab House is a replica of a riverboat.  We'll have to come back for crabs sometime!

We took the ferry to the Disney resort Old Key West.  The resort looked like some of the old building in beautiful Key West.

Another cruise took us to The French Quarter where the resort buildings resembled Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

A little further on we arrived at Port Orleans.  Here the resort was made up of a number of majestic  southern mansions.

There were some restaurants and shops at the Dock in Port Orleans.

It was a very enjoyable day cruising around the Disney resorts.  We did not even know all these resorts were back there!!  Something we will have to do again!!

Sidebar:  Our boat captain said that Downtown Disney is in the process of expansion.  By 2016 it will have double the number of building and restaurants!


 Mon, Oct. 27 -  On our way home from the FREE boat rides at Disney Downtown, we noticed the crowd parked at Miller's Ale House on Hwy 192 -- a VERY popular place!  Gotta be a sports bar!  I checked out their menu on their website.  Turns out every night they have a different special entree.  The Monday night special is a full rack of ribs for $10.99.  Sounded good to me!!

In the past we have always gone to Oakwood Smokehouse and Grill in Clermont for their full rack of ribs special, but we decided to give the Ale House a try this time to see if their deal is as good at that at Oakwood.

Entrance to the Ale House.

As we suspected, The Ale House is a sports bar.  TV's with various games playing covered every wall of their large dining area.

The rack of ribs was quite large and delicious (with the addition of extra sauce).  We were not given a choice of type of Bar-B-Q we wanted -- dry rub, mild, spicy.  But that was OK; we were happy.  The ribs were served with a garnish of coleslaw and one side.  I opted for a side salad and Ken ordered the sweet potato fries.  (Most of the sides were included in the price of the ribs but there was an extra charge of 99 cents for each of the sides we selected.)   And, we each had a 16 ounce beer for just $2 each.  We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and had enough left over for dinner another night at home.

Picture from the Ale House website.

On Thursday nights Miller's Ale House has a prime rib special.  Since we were favorably impressed with our rack of ribs dinner, we will likely give the prime ribs special a try when we get back to TT Orlando.


Tue, Oct. 28 - We called Barb and Mitch a couple of weeks ago to talk to Mitch about the Michelin FMCA Tire Advantage Program because we knew they had bought motorhome tires under that discount program.  We discovered they had been traveling extensively and were now in Texas.  They said they were going to be at TT Peace River at the same time we would be there.

I called them again this afternoon to see if they were still at Peace River and let them know we were coming in today.  Barb said they were still there but leaving the next day.  She immediately invited us to come over to their rig tonight for dinner!!  How nice!!  That's just the type of people they are!!

Mitch is a Chef by hobby and loves to cook.  He prepared a delicious Chinese pork dish served over brown rice!!  Wonderful!!

As we were finishing dinner, other friends, Rich and Dee came by to say "Hi".  They had heard we were in the park.  We were surprised to see them because the last we heard, they were still out West!

It was so much fun to get together with these pickleball friends again!!

Thanks so much Barb and Mitch for your hospitality!!!  Keep on having fun and we'll see you again soon!


Mon, Nov. 03 - We are now at TT Peace River in Wauchula, FL.  We knew that Joe and Cis (PA) were planning to be down at their RV site in Torrey Oaks, about five miles up the road, on Monday.  So I called and told them that Ken would be cooking up some of his Chile Soup on Monday and we would like to bring it by and share with them for dinner, if they were available.  She said they would love that, and she said that mutual friends Stan and Sally (MI) were also arriving at Torrey Oaks on Monday.  So, we called and invited them to join us for dinner, too.  It was so great to get with these friends again!

After dinner picture:  Faye, Joe, Cis, Ken, Sally and Stan!

Thur, Nov 06 - We joined friends Sally and Stan and Cis and Joe at Paul's, a local restaurant favorite here in Wauchula, FL.  And Paul's does offer a great meal for your money!!

A picture of my calf's liver and onions with rice and green beans.  And you don't even see the chicken and rice soup, salad, bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cup of hot coffee!!!  All for less than $10!!  Do you wonder why Paul's is a favorite!!??

Here's the group around the table after enjoying our dinner.  Joe, Sally, Stan, Faye, Ken and Cis.

Saturday, November 1, 2014




Thursday - Saturday, September 20 - 22 - Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay hosted Bluegrass by the Bay which included the East Coast Bluegrass Band Competition on Thursday evening.  Although I am not a real fan of Bluegrass, I really enjoyed the event last year and looked forward to attending again.  The 2014 event was expanded from a two-day event to three days, and the price for TT members went up to $30/pp.

Here is a copy of the program for the weekend.  An unbelievable number of participants!

Bluegrass by the Bay started on Thursday evening with the East Coast Bluegrass Band Competition.  Each competing band performed two vocals and one instrumental.

Sidebar:  Attendees were given ballets with the competitors listed so we could check the ONE band we liked best.  Last year's winners "Old Dogs New Tricks" were not in the competition this year but entertained us before the program began.  I remembered them well because I voted for them! 

This year I voted for this group "Copper Canyon" because they had a really good sound and their leader looked like he was enjoying himself sooooo much.  Plus, they looked really professional.  All of that added up to my vote!

I liked this group from the moment they came on stage.  They were a handsome group of "senior citizens" known as the "Little Mountain Boys".  Had a really good sound but their last selection lost my vote.

But this was the group that won, "Josh Grigsby & County Line"!!  I knew they would win because they had the loudest fans.  And, they had a really good sound too!  CONGRATULATIONS GUYS (AND GAL)!!

That was Thursday,  On Friday there was Bluegrass all day and all night, kicked off again by "Old Dogs New Tricks".  There were five bands on Friday from noon until dinner break.  Then the same bands played again from 6 PM until 11 PM.   On Saturday, they had the same schedule but with five different bands.  I didn't know there was so many Bluegrass Bands on the East Coast!!!

It was a really great festival!!  Good job, Sandy, and all involved!!


Summer 2014 - You may have heard about the new Pickleball Courts that were put in at TT Palm Springs, CA.  You may have even played on them!!

Rick and Linda sent pictures of the four new courts that are located at the front of the resort, between the office and adult lodge and Hwy I-10.  I could not believe it!!

(I thought I had pictures of the completed courts but could not find them.)

 We are all soooo excited!!!!   Hope we will get a chance to play on them!!


Mon, Sep 29 - A few weeks ago I called our friends Jack and Ginger and invited ourselves to their home to prepare a special dish -- Crispy Fish With Lemon Sauce.  We have prepared the dish together several times in the past and it was always a hilarious evening with a few drinks and laughs and trying to figure out the complicated Chinese recipe!!

We also invited friends Karen and Dennis to join us.  Unfortunately, Karen was not feeling well and could not be here.

Jack, Dennis, Ginger with the two of us.

We are always amazed that the fish turns out perfectly and is delicious!  (Picture from the Chinese Cookbook.)

Thanks so much, Jack and Ginger!!  A really fun evening.


Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!!!  We celebrated some one's birthday every month from July to October!  What fun!!

Ken's daughter Stacey's birthday was in July.  Mike and Diane, Ken and I took her to a great Mexican Restaurant nearby.  Don't know how I missed getting a picture of the group, but -

This is what Ken and I had for dinner!!  We shared the Fajita dinner and still had enough left over for lunch the next day.  (The Fried Ice Cream is a birthday treat for Stacey from the Restaurant.)

Stacey enjoying a birthday margarita!

Being serenaded by the Restaurant staff.  Note the biggggg sombrero.

My sister, Beryle had a birthday in August.  The family got together at my other sister, Jean and Bob's temporary apartment to celebrate.  (Note:  Their apartment is temporary because they moved from their home into an apartment while waiting for their new condo to be completed.)

Beryle, her daughter Debbie, Bob, my brother Chip, Ken, Jean and me.

Time to cut the cake!  UUUMMMMM!!  Happy Birthday, Beryle!!

In September, Diane celebrated her birthday!  Stacey brought bottles of Barefoot wine for the two of us because my birthday is coming up soon.

We took Diane and Mike to one of their favorite places to eat -- Glory Days.  Happy Birthday, Diane!!  Looking Good!!

And October 2nd was MY birthday!!  A couple of weeks earlier, we visited my daughter Stasia in Goldsboro, NC for the day.  After a hectic day of our trying to find a tiny little relay fuse for the A/C in our Suzuki, we got together with Stasia and husband, Gene and followed them out to dinner.

They love their little sports convertible!!

We enjoyed delicious steak at The Texas Roadhouse!

And I got the traditional Birthday Cheer from the Roadhouse waitresses!!

As I said earlier, Thursday, October 2nd was my birthday!!   My sister, Beryle and niece Debbie and I had to attend a morning meeting about Reynolds/Alcoa Retiree Medical Insurance -- on my Birthday!!  Debbie called me the day before and invited me to Birthday Breakfast at Cracker Barrel before the meeting. What a surprise!!  Breakfast was delicious, but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures!  Thank you Beryle and Debbie for my starting my birthday on a happy note!

We all went to the meeting which lasted into the afternoon.  No good new there!!

Back in the motorhome, about 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I was filling out a form (but mostly dozing), when suddenly I felt two hands on my knees.  A sweet voice said, "Happy Birthday to You!"   Who is that!!??  I looked up.  It was my daughter, Stasia!!!  She had driven up from North Carolina to spend the afternoon with me -- for my Birthday!!!  I was sooooo SURPRISED!!  She was supposed to be on a rafting trip with a group from her work with Parks and Recreation!!

As it turned out, the rafting trip was cancelled.  She decided she would spend the day with me instead!  She was on the phone with Ken several times.  Talked to sister Jean and niece Debbie.  Even talked to Mike and Diane trying to figure what time she needed to be here!!!  Unbelievable!!  Not a hint of anything from any of them!!

Later in the day we went over to Mike and Diane's for Happy Hour.  Then we all went out to dinner at P. F. Chang to celebrate my birthday and Diane's birthday since her's was just the week before!  What a great dinner!!

The restaurant gave a choice of dessert to both of the birthday girls!  I wondered why Ken told us we did not need the desserts??!!  But they are FREE!!  And we shared with everyone at the table.

Later when we got back to Mike and Diane's after dinner, Ken brought out a big Birthday Cake for me!!  Now I understood about the desserts at Chang's!!

But the evening was not over!!  Ken, Diane, and Stacey had to sing "Happy Birthday To You" to ME!!

Thank you everybody to making my birthday a Very Happy Birthday!!!