Thursday, October 23, 2008


Flying-J has changed their policy!! Who Knew!!!

Just discovered the hard way that Flying-J no longer gives RVer's the Cash Price when paying with a Credit Card! You MUST pay with Cash!!

We have been using Flying-J for RV diesel fuel for years. We have always used our RV Real Value Club Card and a Credit Card when paying. And, Flying-J has always considered "Credit-Same-As-Cash"for RVer's, as well as giving a discount of 1 cent per gallon.

This past Monday, when we paid for diesel with our Credit Card, we were charged the full price (almost 10 cents per gallon more). [Note: Cash Price = $3.31; We paid $3.40]. I questioned the cashier and was told that they recently changed their policy and no longer grant RVers the Cash Price when using a Credit Card. To get the Cash Price, we had to pay with cash. It was too late after having already charged the purchase. It would have been a big deal to try to get a refund!!
We are just glad we only bought 100 gallons this time!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



How quickly things change!! This morning, Tuesday, Ken saw his Orthopedic Surgeon to see what to do now!! Dr. McGlynn had reviewed all the events of last Thursday and the X-rays taken while Ken’s hip was dislocated. The doctor was really concerned about Ken’s hip and would not even talk about the knee replacement until the hip has been repaired, as quickly as possible.

The hip replacement is made up of three parts – the top part screws into the hip bone, the bottom part goes into the thigh bone, and the center part is a ball that fits between the two and into the cup of the top part. Dr. McGlynn proposes to surgically remove the ball in Ken’s hip and replace it with one of a larger size. While this repair is not like a hip replacement, it is still going to be major surgery. Following the surgery, he will fit Ken with a hip brace that he is to wear for six weeks to give the hip a chance to heal completely. This sounds exactly like what the doctor in Gloucester had proposed.

Looks like our trip to Florida will be delayed a few weeks more!!

The knee replacement will just have to wait until next Spring, if it is still a problem then.

Thanks to you all for your concern!!


We decided it was time to break down and get a DVR!! So, a couple of weeks ago, we asked Direct TV to provide us with their standard DVR. (We opted not to get the HD version.) Their tech came out to our rig while we were in Richmond and set up their big, new Direct TV Dish and installed the DVR for use with the two TV’s we have. Now we can watch one program while recording another. What a great idea!!!

However, we also have a relatively new TrakVision on our rooftop. We wanted to be able to continue using it as well; particularly when we are staying at a new location for only a night or two. Then we would not have to set up the DTV Dish. The tech said he had wired everything that way; but, it didn’t work. And, we also have a DVD/VCR that we wanted to continue to use to watch rental movies. Of course, when the tech left, that didn’t work either.

It just so happened that our Pickleball friend, Cal, is an expert in these things!! Who Knew??? He came to our rescue -- pulling wires, disconnecting and connecting, testing, @@#%%&$$@, retesting, discarding wires, testing @@#%%&$$@ and retesting again!! We would NEVER have figured it out, ourselves!! Now, thanks to Cal, everything is working the way we want!!!

Thank you, Cal, for being such a great Friend!! And thank you, Diane, for living the life of a Satellite Widow for a few days!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Recently ProLine Boats sponsored a fishing tournament in this area. A group from TT Chesapeake Bay participated and brought home a lot of fish. Billy, is an avid fisherman; fishes all the time, but he did not participate in the tournament. The fishermen gave some of the fish to him for a big fish fry coming up in November. We caught up with Billy at the fish cleaning station, filleting the Blues with the precision of a TV surgeon. You may remember Billy as providing the expertise when we were painting the lines for the additional Pickleball Courts (Article 9/7/2008). I keep telling him he needs to reset his priorities so he can spend more time on the Pickleball Courts, but he thinks he has it right -- fishing is still his Number 1!!


Playing Pickleball is not the only thing we do!! We all got together one evening for a wonderful dinner at El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant in Gloucester, VA. No two-for-one Margaritas this time, but I think we would all agree that the meal was delicious and plentiful!! And a good time was had by all

We clean up pretty good, don’t we?

[Front Row: Faye, Diane, Linda, Vickie, Krystal, Austin, Mickey
Back: Cal, Roger, Dennis, Bob, ??, Barb and Ray]

Friday, October 17, 2008


We can’t quite believe it, but it's true!! We still have a really good group of Pickleball players at the preserve. We play every morning and some play in the evenings as well.

[Front Row: Jerry, Katelyn, Mike, Barb, Vickie, Austin, Jeff and Roger

Back: Rita, Gilbert, Ron, MikeE, and Dennis]

The next generation of Pickleball Players.

[Katelyn, Jeff and Austin]

GIRL POWER!! On some days, the girls rule!!

Diane after an especially rewarding shot.

Barb and Faye after winning over Dennis!!! YEAH!!!


What a great group of new (and almost new) players at TT Chesapeake Bay. We decided we needed to have another Pickle Pinning Ceremony for those who had not received their Pickles to show their love of the game. Eleven new inductees.

[Front Row: Austin, Monica, Jerry and Linda
Back: Bob, Ron, Vickie, Rita, Jason, Ron and Ray]



A view of the Piankatank River from shore. To the right the River flows to the Chesapeake Bay about 12 miles to the East. To the left is the Dragon Run that winds for miles and miles inland.

We really enjoy this annual Festival. It’s a very popular event at the preserve, with all kinds of seafood prepared by the staff, crafts by the members and friends, and ecological displays about the Dragon Run, a tributary to the Piankatank River. We had the soft shelled crab sandwiches for lunch.

And later, cracked Blue Crabs with beer for dinner!!



He’s OK – feeling fine – doing great – up and at ‘em – bursting at the seams – ready to go!! Can’t keep him down!!! No after effects at all following the ordeal on Thursday. Actually, the worst thing by far, was the after effects of all the medication given to him at the hospital. They popped his hip back in place and now his hip feels fine – no pain, no weakness at all. He has an appointment with his Orthopedic Surgeon (the one who replaced his hip in 2000 and was scheduled for his knee replacement) on Tuesday AM to see what’s next. We are hoping he will be able to reschedule the knee replacement soon enough so all the pre-admission stuff will still be applicable.

I told my son, Barry, it was a lot like a shuttle launch. All the preparation and count down to the last minute, and then have to abort!! Let’s hope we can start in the middle of the countdown this time and do not have to start all over.

Will keep you advised.


Ken’s knee replacement surgery scheduled for Friday, 10/17, has been canceled. The reason?? Ken had a mishap early this morning while packing up to move from TT Chesapeake Bay to the Richmond Elk’s Lodge. He twisted the wrong way when reaching under the steering wheel. The ball of his left hip replacement (circa 2000) popped out of position!! He could not move!!

We called 911 and they switched us to the Gloucester Ambulance Service. By 9:30 AM we were in the emergency room of Walter Reed Hospital.

This has happened two times before –in Cottonwood, AZ and in Indio, CA. Both times he was taken to emergency, sedated, hip popped back in position, and we were gone.

Not so this time. Because it was the third time, the doctors were very concerned. They would not set the hip in the Emergency Room. We had to wait for an Operating Room was available. At 3:30 PM they finally released Ken to come home. What an exhausting day!!!

In the meantime, I contacted Ken’s Orthopedic Surgeon in Richmond who had done the hip replacement years ago and is scheduled to do the knee replacement surgery. The decision was that we would have to cancel the knee replacement surgery and set up an appointment (Tuesday 10/21) to review the hip problem.

[Ken’s hip is OK now.]

Thursday, October 16, 2008


While we were at the Elk’s Lodge in Richmond, I decided to make a Birthday Brunswick Stew for myself. Ever hear of Mrs. Fearnow’s Brunswick Stew? It’s made in this area and distributed in the southeast. My recipe was close to Mrs. F’s.

[Right is my sister Beryle and husband, Harold.]

I invited my siblings and their families to help us eat it. And, my daughter, Stasia came up from North Carolina for the occasion. It surely did bring back some old time memories.

[Left is my brother, Nelson and puppy, Buddy.]

When we were young and growing up, we lived on a farm. Several times a year, Mom and Dad made a BIG Brunswick Stew for friends and family. Back then we had to pick and shell the butter beans, pick and shuck the corn, pick and peel the tomatoes, kill and clean the chicken, and so on. It took the whole day, adding ingredients and stirring, stirring, stirring. It was soooo good.

[Here is my sister, Jean and husband, Bob.]

Not the same for Faye’s Stew – grocery store chicken and canned ingredients according to the Fearnow’s recipe. Still it took all day adding ingredients and stirring, stirring, and stirring. It was really, really good. UUUUMMMMMM!!

[And here is my kid brother, Chip and wife, Biddie.]

[My niece, Deb (Beryle's daughter) and her husband, Jeff.]

[Here is my daughter, Stasia who drove all the way up from North Carolina for her Mother's birthday!]

[And here is the Birthday Girl, herself, and husband, Ken!!]

We all had a wonderful time!!!


On Wednesday, October 1, Mike and Diane took us both out to an enormous and delicious dinner at Zorba’s Greek Restaurant in Richmond to celebrate my birthday (October 2). We had a wonderful meal starting with Mussels Marinara and Burchetta. We need not have ordered the appetizers because portions for dinner were huge and we could not begin to eat it all – succulent Baked Pasta for Ken and the Birthday Girl, Eggplant Parmesan for Mike, and Beef Tenderloin with Wine Sauce for Diane!!!

Thank you Mike and Diane for a wonderful Birthday Dinner!!!


When we were out West in February 2003, our Pickleball friends, Brian and Ilene, were talking about going to the dentist in Mexico. We thought it sounded like a good idea. Let’s give it a try!! They recommended their dentist, Dr. Patricia Vicente, “a sensitive & understanding dentist”, in Los Algodones, MX. So we went to Yuma for a few days; walked across the Mexican border; and met Patty Vicente. She was great. We saw her regularly whenever we were out west. In addition to routine care, X-rays, and cleaning, I needed a crown and Ken root canal. All this was done with little discomfort, maximum speed, and minimal cost.

Thing is, we’ve been in the East for more than two years and have not been able to see our dentist in Mexico. We decided to bite the bullet and set up an appointment to see our dentist in Richmond, Dr. Alan Padgett. Now, Dr. Padgett is a great dentist and very nice gentlemen whom Ken met in the Army Reserves years ago. But, this dentist is very thorough and could always find something to fix every time we saw him. And, he’s expensive!! We were expecting the worse!!

After extensive X-rays and a thorough cleaning, we both passed our exams with flying colors and high praise for our excellent dental hygiene!! Everything was perfect!!! AMAZING!!!

BUT!! Just a few days later, Ken lost a tooth. We thought it was the cap put on by Patty in Mexico. But, when we returned to the dentist, it was not the cap. It was a broken tooth. The dentist filed it down and bonded it. Now Ken’s teeth are fine!! But, Dr. Padgett is still expensive!!

So, you western travelers who have been going to Patty Vicente in Mexico – you’ve got a good one!!

PS. If you happen to run into Brian and Ilene, tell them our story. If you have their cell phone number, please share it with us. Have not been in touch with them for awhile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Our Pickleball group was small this morning (Sunday, September 29), but we had a good time. Wanted to show this picture because it’s the first time I’ve worn my new Tournament tee shirt!! I’m so proud to have the first one!!

Players from right to left: Delores: The genius who designed my great tee shirt. Mike: Loves the game so much I think I’ll call him “Mr. Pickleball.” Me: I love my new tee shirt!! Keith: Loves the game but also enjoys other things like “Rooting” on his golf cart!! And Ron: Just came to the campground a couple of days earlier. I discovered that Ron has many talents besides Pickleball, such as guitar, vocals, keyboard. In fact, Ron led the campground Karaoke Night on Saturday evening.