Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March 29 – It’s always good to get back home. Sunday evening, after we had set up at the Elk’s Lodge, we went to Mike and Diane’s for dinner. Ken made Margaritas and Mike prepared Fajitas. Both were delicious!! It was great to see them again!!


March 28 – We left for Raleigh, NC on Saturday afternoon; arrived at the Elk’s Lodge in the rain. To make things worse, they had no space available for us. It’s the first time that has happened. My son, Barry, got on line and found a mobile home park that could accommodate us for the night. We drove back to the other side of Raleigh in the pouring rain, but felt fortunate we had a place to stay. After setting up, we went to Barry’s for happy hour (we really needed it!! HA HA). After which we all went out for dinner at a neat new pub.
After dinner, we went to Grandson Thomas’ favorite place – The Cupcake Shop near their home, and had delicious cup cakes for dessert!! My CRAZY guys!!
On Sunday morning, we again went to Barry’s for pancake breakfast!! UUUMMMM!! On the drive over, Ken noticed we only had one bike on the back of the car. He stopped on the highway and checked. Surely enough, his bike was no longer on the bike rack. What could we do?? We continued our drive over and there on I-40 was Ken’s mangled bike along side the road. We can only hope it did no damage to anyone else when it fell off in the rain the night before.

They are raising chickens in their backyard. Here’s the family and chick!!

The chicks have really grown, but are not laying eggs yet!!

After a good but an all too short visit, we left Raleigh and headed for our hometown, Richmond, VA.


March 25 – On the way to Richmond, we stopped for a few days in Goldsboro, NC to visit with my daughter, Stasia, and her family.

A friend of hers has a farm with hook-ups where we can stay.

That evening we all went to Grandson Michael’s high school baseball game against last year’s champions. Michael had pitched most of the game the night before so he did not play when we were there, but the team managed to have a winning night. Since Michael did not play, he had to pose for a picture the next day.
On Thursday, I went to Swimnastics with Stasia’s group of seniors. First time I had been in the pool since Labor Day last year. It was great to be back doing water aerobics.

That night the whole family enjoyed dinner at Applebee’s.

On Friday morning, Stasia taught a line dance class which I joined. Later that morning, the group went to an assisted living home and danced for their entertainment. That was fun!! Stasia is to the far right. I’m in the white shirt on the left end.

On Saturday morning, we had delicious brunch at Stasia’s, followed by some picture taking.

Michael was at practice, but got home in time to bid us farewell as we left for Raleigh.


March 23 – I found another Passport America campground not far off I-95 – Rocks Pond Mobile and RV Campground on Lake Marion. It's the first time we have stayed here. The campground had hundreds of sites, most of them for “residents”, but they seemed to save the prime sites for transients. Ours was situated among the Paloma trees in full bloom, overlooking the Lake – beautiful!!

Camping among the Paloma trees.
Our campsite overlooked beautiful Lake Marion.

I caught a Bumble Bee in flight in this one.

Ducks, too!! [Oh, My!! I goofed. A faithful reader wrote that these looked a lot like Canadian Honkers (geese) to her!!! What do I know?? HA HA] Thanks, Betty.

A fishing pier.

A miniature light house.

Monday, March 30, 2009


March 21 - When we left Perry, GA, our plan was to spend a few days in Savannah, but the Elk’s lodge there had space to park but no hook-ups. Since we had been without hook-ups for a week, Ken decided we had to move on. We drove to Charleston and stayed at Lake Aire, a Passport America campground. We had toured Charleston last year so did not go into town this time; however, we both were craving Oysters!

Went to Shem Creek Bar & Grill because they advertised oysters every which way!! We ordered a bucket of steamed oysters and appetizer fried oysters and beer.

We spent the evening shucking the oysters and look what we got!! Some were the tiniest oysters we had ever seen,

But we had a fun night and they were really, really good!!
Ken shucking. That's a plate of appertizer oysters in front of him.


Several years ago, we gave our friends, Lois and Gene in Richmond, a purple shamrock. The green shamrock is very common – a purple shamrock is much more rare. Lois cared for the shamrock through the years until it grew to a magnificent specimen. When we were making plans to go to Florida for the winter, Ken asked Lois if she would give us three starter plants from the “mother” shamrock for his daughters in Florida. Lois rooted and nurtured three nice starter plants. We had put the pants in the stairwell of our motorhome on one of those cold Florida nights. I accidentally stepped on one of them and knocked off a few leaves. Ken took the bulb from the plant I broke and planted it in our pot of basil and took root.

It’s been almost three months since the “rooting”. For the first month and a half, the leaves were just trying to survive and develop a root system. Recently they really began to grow!! The basil is long gone, but here is the thriving purple shamrock.

I thought it would be fun to share it with you, so we can all follow the growth of the Purple Shamrock!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


March 20 – We decided to stay an extra night at the Perry fair grounds where the FMCA Rally was held so we could drive up to Macon (35 miles) for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Did you know that Macon has more than 300,000 Yoshino Japanese Cherry Trees? So many that Macon was declared the Cherry Blossom Capital of the United States” in 1983. Later, the Japanese Consul General named Macon the “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World!!” William Finkling found and propagated the first Yoshinos in 1949 and later he gave away 1,500 trees every year to the Macon community. That’s how there came to be many Cherry trees.

Here are two of the newest Cherry Blossoms!!

We went to the Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting (because we could sit down). All the dignitaries were there, even the Japanese Ambassador to the US, and the honorary Pink Poodle.

After the ceremony, we went on a Cherry Blossom Riding Tour that showcased Macon’s Cherry Trees throughout the city and various neighborhoods. It was a great way to see the city. The trees were a little disappointing because they were only about one-third bloomed, and most of them were white rather than pink (as in Washington).

Fickling's mailbox.

On the tour we also stopped and toured Woodruff House and St. Joseph Catholic Church. One of the interesting things about the Woodruff House is the beautiful crystal in the center of the banister. The crystal signifies that the house has been paid for.

Historic landmark, St. Joseph Catholic Church.

After the riding tour, we stayed for awhile to enjoy the country music concert by The Foxx City Band before driving back to Perry.


March 15-20 – We arrived at the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) Rally in Perry, GA, just as it began to rain. It rained for two days!! But we had a good time anyway, and the sun came at last.

At the seminar, there are seminars on multiple subjects, vendors, service personnel to help with many problems, 100s of new RVs, entertainment, food, etc.

One seminar we attended was “Fire and Life Safety”. Bud the Fireman had a good presentation, discussed various types of fires and extinguishers and new types of safety equipment. He talked about various ways of escape from fires, accidents, etc. and stressed the need for planning and preparation!! The neatest thing was I actually got to use a fire extinguisher on a fire! That was a great experience to see and feel how they actually work.

The seminar must have been good because the next day we stopped by Bud the Fireman’s vendor booth and I made Ken buy some of the “advertised” safety equipment. A set of four fire extinguishers – one to replace the powder extinguisher we already had; one for the kitchen, bedroom, and auto. Two new smoke alarms that are more sensitive to smoldering electrical fire – one for the front and one for the bedroom. And, I bought an emergency hammer for the auto in case of an accident. It has a pointed head to break the glass, if you cannot get the windows down. It also has a cutting edge to cut the seatbelt, if trapped. And it has a flashlight on the endof the handle for light or signal. Ken was furious that I bought all this stuff, but, now we’re safe!!!

One thing we hoped to accomplish at the Rally was to upgrade our roof-top satellite to work with our DVR. Upon arrival we went to the KVH service booth. Their representative, Mike, said he had the necessary cable and would install it for us. He drove us crazy waiting and waiting for him to show up. But, when he finally came to install the cable, he not only did that job, but he also re-connected all the other cables for our TVs, DVR, DVD/VCR, Video Control Box and A/B switches!! Now everything works as it should!! Thanks Mike!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Saturday - We left TT Orlando yesterday morning and are now at the Spirit of the Suwannee campground on the Suwannee River, Live Oak, FL. This is a huge park, but in a more “rustic” fashion – more like camping than RVing. This park is noted for its big music events. In a couple of weeks they will have a big folk festival. At the end of April they have their annual Suwannee Jam with noted country singers, i.e. Gretchen Wilson, Montgomery Gentry, etc. Prior to the event, local talent is given an opportunity to audition to be a part of the Jam (Friday evening). We went to listen to the acts perform. They made us a deal we could not refuse. You get to watch the show and all the acts for $5 cover. Then they give you $5 coupons toward dinner. We had the fried Grouper sandwiches and fries. Anyway, it seemed to us like the early rounds of American Idol/Nashville Star – no Cary Underwood or Kelly Pickler here!!.

This first girl had a tremendous voice!! She sang a Gretchen Wilson son and did a great job.

This one did a good job, too.

And this was our favorite!! Her first song was "Bobby Magee" and she was great!

I saw her in the ladies room -- all the little girls were asking for her autograph!!

Today we drove into the “big city” of Live Oak. Pat Lively mentioned in their Blog that she and friends were looking for a Dairy Queen one day. So when we spotted the DQ in Live Oak, we stopped and got their small dipped cones – in honor of Pat!! Have not had one for ages!! UUMMMMM. And for only $2.31 for the two!! What a deal!!! We will now search for the DQ’s too!!

We did not go to the Stephen Foster Heritage Park – we had more important things to do. He took me to the Car Wash!!! The do-it-yourself kind. For $5 in quarters, and flying like bats out of Hell, in 12 minutes we had the Suzuki vacuumed, power soaped and spot-free rinsed!! Another deal!!! And the man down the street wanted $25!!

We prepared our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner today. We figured we would not be able to cook it on St. Patty’s Day since we would be dependent on the generator while at the FMCA Rally. Doesn’t matter – it was just as good today!!! Ken was wondering why he can only have it once a year!!

Off to Georgia and the Rally tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


MAN!!! I don't know what has happened to my mind!! I thought I had posted this article two weeks ago. I wondered why no one had responded that they were going, too!!! Guess this explains it -- I forgot to post it!!!
We have a change of plans!! That’s why we live in a motorhome, right?? – so we can be flexible!! We have decided to attend the FMCA Rally in Perry, GA, March 15 – March 20.

IS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE GOING??? Would love to meet up with YOU!!
We are leaving TT Orlando on March 13 and heading north. Will stay March 13-14 at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, an ROD park just off of I-75 – a very nice park in a perfect location! We plan to stay in the Rally holding area on the night of March 15, and will check into the Rally on March 16.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yippee!! Ken and I have been getting out on the Pickleball Courts a little bit since we’ve been back at Orlando. Actually, Ken is playing more than I. We think the anti-inflammatory medication the hand specialist gave him has helped his hip and knee as well, and he is feeling more like playing.

We’ve met up with some old friends on the court and met some new ones. Just wanted to share a few pictures.

I go for my shot! Harry came up with a new shot!! Joseph is amazed!!
How's that follow-through! No wonder his serve is so awesome!!
Bob (Silly Willy the Clown) and I have fun just "clowning around"!!
Karen and Harry. It was great being back on the court with them again!!
Joseph and his partner ready for the next shot!
Bob is always such a nut!!
I have a pretty good follow-through myself!

Friends of Harry and Karen wanted to learn to play Pickleball. Here they are at their first lesson.
Harry and Grant waiting for the return from the girls!
Karen and Carol are definitely ready for the next shot!
Hope they are still friends when the lesson is over.
After every game, the players all meet at the net and touch paddles. Good Game!! Here are some of the group pictures. Perhaps you'll recognize some of the players!