Thursday, April 30, 2009


April 29-30 – We woke at 4:15 a.m. on Wednesday and drove from TT Chesapeake Bay to Richmond. We had to be at St. Mary’s Hospital at 6:30 a.m. Ken’s knee surgery was at 9 o’clock. We talked with Dr. McGlynn later in day and he assured us that the surgery had gone well and everything was looking great. However, Ken had a reaction to the anesthesia and felt pretty lousy the rest of the day. I'm staying with him at the hospital. Neither of us got much sleep last night.

This is the scene outside the waiting room at the hospital, as I waited for news about Ken's surgery.

Today, Thursday, Ken was looking and feeling much better. The bandage was removed this morning and replaced with a smaller patch. Thought you’d like to see how it looks. The dark lines were drawn by the doctor as a “road map”. All the stitches are internal. Very professional job, don’t you think??

Ken was able to get up a couple of times during the day, using a walker and the help of PT personnel. His appetite is pretty good and he ate about half of his meals – I ate the other half!! His major problem now is the pain in the back of his surgical knee. So many people have told us that is where they experienced the most trouble. It seems to be true.

Dr. McGlynn said we can look at going home on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on how things go. I think, with not going to rehab and living in the motor home as we do, we would be smart to wait until Sunday. That would give Ken one more day to recoup and get stronger.

The staff here is wonderful and have been very attentive. Mike and Diane have been wonderful, too, with all their help and visits!! Thank you everybody!!


April 28 – Every now and then some friends we’ve met in the past (mostly Pickleball friends) come to TT Chesapeake Bay while we are there. It is always great to see them again!!

Think we met Dawn and Carl out west – probably at Verde Valley. They are from Allentown, PA. We run into them here and there around the country. Carl weaves beautiful pine needle baskets and carves. Dawn makes a mean Shoo Fly Pie!! Ken loves it!!

Met Bruce and Cheryl at TT Peace River. Bruce is an excellent horse shoe pitcher and Pickleball player. He didn’t play at Chesapeake Bay because he cut his big toe in the River!!

Met Art and Deborah, guess where?? On the Pickleball court right here at Chesapeake Bay a couple of years ago. They have an RV with a “garage” in the back for carrying their Trike, etc. Note their beautiful pets!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are now staying at TT Chesapeake Bay, about 65 miles from Richmond, VA where Ken will have knee surgery on Wednesday. We expect he will be in the hospital only two or three days, and will be back at the RV to recuperate. We are so appreciative that the Park Manager, Terry, agreed to let us "bridge" our week out so we do not have to move.

Won’t be long now.


Ken thought he needed SOMETHING to help him recoup from his knee surgery. The choice was easy – a new Wii game!!! I think he has gotten more exercise since installing that game than he has in months!! It is more FUN!!

So far, I’m the tennis champ, but Ken is the pro bowler!!


April 18 –Our Great Grandson, Little Michael, celebrated his 2nd birthday on Saturday. Little Michael is Diane’s son, Chris and his wife Michelle’s child. He is named for his Grand Papa, Mike (Ken’s son).

Here is the Birthday Boy with his Dad, Chris.

And with his Mom, Michelle

He loved this card with Bob the Builder!! Can he read already???

He received sooooo many presents!!!

Here is Little Michael going for a touchdown with his new football (part of our gift to him).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In his other life, Ken was the Grounds Manager at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA. As a matter of interest, the Seminary Richmond Campus was established in 1898, more than 100 years ago.

Today, after we finished with the doctor’s appointment, we drove by the Seminary just for the heck of it. It was fun to remember “those days”!!

Here is Watts Hall, the main administration building and the building most associated with UTS.

The Gargoyle on Watts Hall keeps close watch over the Seminary.

Here is the new Library. The building was not quite finished when Ken was working there.

This building is a dorm for the students. Our really good friend, Millie, ran the Mail Room in this building. She and Ken used to laugh about getting each other in the closet during “those days”!! Millie has now retired to the country with her husband, BJ.

Notice the “Quad” with the buildings on three of the four sides. This was so lush and green when Ken was in charge of the grounds. Ken said, “Look at all those trees I planted! I planted those, and those, and those and …” I used to bring a picnic and make Ken eat lunch with me in the Quad. He hated it!!
Here is Ken standing in front of the Chapel where we were MARRIED almost thirty years ago by a Seminary professor.

And the inside of the Chapel where we were pronounced Man and Wife!

These are the tennis courts with the Physical Plant in the background (that is where Ken worked). Believe it or not, we played tennis on these courts against the wife of the Seminary President and her guest, Patricia Cornwell!! Yes, that’s right! The Patricia Cornwell, the bestselling crime writer (although she was not so well known in “those days”!!

And here is Mike. Mike worked with Ken for about twenty years before Ken retired. He said he was like a little kid following Ken all around the Seminary, absorbing the knowledge of the Master; following him to the dump, and sometimes even to the liquor store!!

Mike is so funny! Every time we see him he tells a tale on my son, Barry, who worked at UTS a summer or two. Mike would start, “How’s Barry? Then he would start laughing until he had tears in his eyes. That Barry Hee Hee I’ll never forget Ha Ha Barry comes into the shop one day and says Ha Ha Ha I was a Good Samaritan today! I helped a blind lady back her car out of the cul de sac. Ha Ha Ha Ha Why do you think she was blind, Barry? Well because, she had those push buttons on her dash instead of a gear shift! Ha Ha Ha Well, Barry. If she was blind, do you think she would be driving??!! Ha Ha Ha


Ken went to see OUR orthopedic doctor to make arrangements for knee replacement surgery. Things are moving a little faster than expected.

Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, at St. Mary’s Hospital.

We had hoped he could recuperate at TT Chesapeake Bay, but they have changed their policy about extended stay. They are no longer renting a month or two. We are still hoping we can get a waiver because of the surgery.

We will keep you advised.


While in Florida I learned a new line dance – “The TT Slide”. (TT for Thousand Trails.)

On Saturday night (after our Bar-B-Q), our friend Brad was DJ at the Saturday night dance. I had told him about the new dance, that I would like to teach it, and I needed a song with a good strong beat. He suggested “Hick Town.”

I taught the dance and everybody had a great time dancing it. In fact, they LOVED it!! Thanks, Brad, for your help.


If you have ever been to the Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay Preserve, you were probably greeted by Willie at the Ranger Station. He always had a friendly smile and greeted visitors in such a way that he made us glad we came.
We would frequently see Willie driving the grounds in his pick-up truck -- always ready to help.

Willie died of cancer earlier this year. We were all devastated to hear the sad news.

The Staff organized a “Celebration of Life” for Willie that was held on Saturday, April 4. The Manager, Terri, presented a program of poignant memories with slides of Willie growing up, Willie with his family and Willie at work at the campground. The Staff reminisced with funny tales of Willie at work, done to the tune of “Chicken Fries” with appropriate actions. The program concluded with personal stories by the members of their encounters with Willie. We all toasted Willie with a taste of Pepsi, his favorite drink, followed by a delicious feast put out by the Staff.

A perfect way to Celebrate the Life of Willie, a friend to us all. We will miss you, Willie

Monday, April 6, 2009


We returned to Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday, March 31. On the way down from Richmond, we stopped at a Food Lion where I found a couple of picnic shoulders on special. That sparked an idea!! I suggested to Ken that we have a Bar-B-Q on Saturday afternoon, sort of a “we’re back” social, and invite some of our friends. I never realized that we have sooooo many friends here at Chesapeake Bay. I had to buy a third picnic shoulder!!

Ken prepared his famous North Carolina style Bar-B-Q and coleslaw. Everyone brought a side dish or dessert to share. There were almost thirty of us and we had a grand old time!!

Candid Camera!!

Men will be boys!! Wayne is telling a joke: something about playing Wii Tennis with a gorgeous, shapely, sexy woman; and something about when you do play with such a woman you should never take the Wii control with you when you go to the bathroom; and something about what shows up on the TV screen in the other room if you do!!! You can just imagine!!

Here’s Faye telling Delores and JoAnne about something – I can’t imagine what it could be, but I’m certain it’s not as interesting as Wayne’s tale!!

Hope we can do this again real soon!!!



Back in February I wrote in our Blog that, following an MRI, the orthopedic doctor in Sebring, FL said I had AVASCULAR NECROSIS OF THE FEMORAL HEAD, and the only way to treat it was total hip replacement. He gave me a cortisone shot in the butt and that really seemed to help for awhile.

When we came back home to Richmond, I went to see our orthopedic doctor on March 30th. Dr. McGlynn (using the same MRI) said that my case of A/N was very minor, and my symptoms did not support that diagnosis. My pain would have been in the groin area, mine was in my butt. THANK GOD!! I did not want a hip replacement!!

Dr. McGlynn sent me to see a back specialist who said I had some arthritis in the joint where my spine joins my pelvic bone (or something like that). He's going to give me a shot in that joint, but it could not be scheduled until April 20th. In addition, he wants me to have physical therapy twice a week for two to three months.

Will keep you advised!!