Thursday, January 28, 2010


January 28 - One afternoon when the weather finally warmed up enough to enjoy being outside, we invited Joe and Cis and Stan and Sally over for Fajitas and Margaritas. Here we have been enjoying the Margaritas before dinner.

And the Fajitas were good, too!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


January 25 - Every Monday afternoon “bowlers” from TT Peace River and Torrey Oaks meet at Bowl-Of-Fun Lanes for a good time of bowling. A few weeks ago Donna established the practice of having us pose with our arms crossed above our heads to show our excitement when we bowled a strike. Today I tried to get the scoreboard showing the Strike in the background with the Striker posing!! Did pretty good, don’t you think!!

Bruin is one of the best bowlers!! I wish I had gotten his scoreboard showing all of his STRIKES instead of just the heart and graphics!! (Ken in the background ready to bowl.)

Frank was excited about getting his Strike, but not about having his picture taken!! (Ken in the background ready to bowl.)

Ken took so long taking me picture my “strike arms” collapsed.

Rich with his big Strike of the day!!

Arlene worked all day trying to get this strike!!

Stan – Great picture with the scoreboard!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


January 15 - One afternoon Sally, Cis and I were sitting around having a glass of wine. Before long we were making plans. Sally suggested that each of us invite one other person to join us at The Jave Café for lunch. Cis and I immediately applauded the idea the decided whom we wanted to invite.

Sally invited her new friend Bev who is spending this season next door to Sally. Bev is so energetic and attends all of Sally’s exercise classes. Cis invited Marilyn whom she met last year. Marilyn is renting the site across the road from Cis which is the site next to ours. I invited my new friend Sally (we call her The Other Sally). I met her on the Pickleball Court and at the morning exercise classes, etc. She is such fun and so easy to get to know.
Here we are ready to enjoy a delicious luncheon at The Java Café. Around the table, Left to Right. Bev, The Other Sally, Sally, ME, Marilyn and Cis.

We all had a really great time and plan to do it again in February.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


About a mile from Torrey Oaks is a U-pick farm of hydropnically grown strawberries and vegetables. Ken and I set out one day to pick strawberries. It was really neat because all the plants were on stakes, and not only that, but the were in suspended pots and you could stand in one place and turn the plants to get to the berries on the every side.

Berries were beautiful and plentiful! The owner was very helpful. He gave us buckets for picking and small scissors for snipping the berries rather than pulling them from the vine. And he showed us which berries to pick and which ones needed to ripen more (like we didn’t know).

The owner’s father was there and helped us pick. In fact, he picked so many strawberries that Ken got upset because the old gentleman kept piling berries into our bucket. Ken complained because he didn’t get to pick any himself, AND he didn’t want THAT many berries in the first place -- $11.88 in berries!! That’s $11.88 of yummy strawberry shortcakes!!! UMMMMMMM!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


January 3 - My grandson Thomas in Raleigh began horseback riding lessons during the summer. He enjoyed it so much he is continuing with the lessons. Here he is with his horse!!

We are proud of you, Thomas!! Keep up the good work.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


January 2 – Our friend Rich conducted a clinic on Pickleball skills at TT Peace River.

There was a large group of about 16 participants.

We all had a lot of fun!! Wonder what’s going on between Dave and me and Nate?? Wish I could remember!!!
And we learned a lot. Now we’ve got it organized!!
Rich, I may not be able to execute, but now when I play I’m conscious of how I hold my paddle when at the net so I’m ready to volley!! And when I’m receiving serve, I hold my paddle with “wrinkled wrist”!! But, I’ll never get used to using a Backhand volley when it’s on the Forehand side!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Our friends, Joe and Cis arrived at Torrey Oaks on December 30. They had invited us to join them at the Torrey Oaks New Year’s Eve party. Stan and Sally have also moved over to Torrey Oaks, so all of us gathered at their rig for a pre-party party!!

Ken pops the cork!!

Sally pours the Champaign!!

Cheers to everyone. From left to right: Ken's head, Stan, Joe, Sally, Cis and Cis' Mom

And Cheers again!!

Sally and Faye enjoy the Champaign!!

Then we went over to the party. The club provided Hot Wings and members brought other goodies to share. The party was a lot of fun with our friends and also meeting some new friends. The only problem – four hours of bad Karaoke is a little much to take!! One good thing – none of our gang sang!! HA HA



Earlier this week, Nate got the idea that we should have a New Year’s Eve Pickleball Tournament at TT Peace River. We all agreed it was a great idea!! So Nate posted a flyer announcing the tournament. With input from Donna and Stan, Nate got together all the information he needed to run a tournament as well as prizes.

On New Year’s Eve we gathered at the Pickleball courts ready to play – 12 men and 10 women!! Here is the group that played, and the winners.

Winners of the Women's Tournament: Sally 1st, Diane 2nd, Barbara 3rd. CONGRATULATIONS!

Winners of the Men's Tournament: Mike 1st, Austin 3rd, Dave 2nd. CONGRATULATIONS!

The first place winners: Mike and Sally!!! Great Job!!

A great time was had by all!! Thanks Nate for a great tournament!!!

Here is some of the action. (Click on the collage to enlarge. Click the Back Arrow to return to the Blog.)

Above 1st Column: Diane and Sally; Mike and Jack; Stan with Dave
2nd Column: Dave and Mike; Sally and Faye; Abe and Nate
3rd Column: Barb and Donna; Barb and Christie; Bud and Greg
Above: 1st Column: Diane and Sally; Austin and Tony; Dave and Mike
2nd Column: Donna and Kim; Jack and Ken; Nate and Jack
3rd Column: Sherry and Sally; Sherry and Christie; Donna and Diane
Above: 1st Column: Diane and Sally; Donna and Diane; Sherry and Donna
2nd Column: Barb and Donna; Sally, Dave and Mike; Tony and Bud
3rd Column: Mike and Jack, Christie and Sherry, Kim and Karen
Above 1st Column: Barb and Sally; Ken; Jack and Stan
2nd Column: Sherry and Donna; Donna and Kim; Austin and Dave
3rd Column: Eddie and Stan; Barb and Diane; Karen and Bud
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My Picasa 3 did not post all of the collages the first time. Here are more action shots from the New Year's Eve Tournament.

Above: 1st Column: Bud and Stan; Dave and Nate; Kim and Christie
2nd Column: Mike and Austin; Jack and Greg; Sally and Faye
3rd Column: Eddie and Abe; Ken and Abe; Donna and Krystal
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Above: 1st Row: Nate at work keeping track of the match scores; Nate explains the scoring for Sherry, Sally, Kim and Dave; Sally receives her 1st Place prize
2nd Row: Diane gets the 2nd Place Prize; Barbara receives the 3rd Place prize; Mike wins the 1st Place prize for the men
3rd Row: Mike looks at a "Stumpy" pin he received as part of the 2nd Place prize; Austin (Nate and Krystal's son) receives the 3rd Place prize
AND Nate. Thanks again for a job well done!!