Friday, November 22, 2013


Wed, Nov. 20 - Today is our last day at TT Orlando.  We have been here for two weeks and have really enjoyed our stay.  We went over to play Pickleball this morning, but there was a heavy mist falling as we arrived at the courts.  So, we only played one game each.  You might be able to see how wet the courts are in some of the pictures.

I did not get any action shots of this match but got a picture of the group at the net.  Hope I have correct names.

Bob and Lee played against Carol and Matt.  If not, I'm sorry!

Bill and Ken against -

Matt and Paul.  A really good match!

Bob and Pete played against -

New arrivals James and Brenda

Frank peeling his Florida Orange between matches!!

Lee and Mike.  When Mike saw me taking pictures, he said "Don't take my picture."  I didn't know if he was serious, so I decided to use this picture.  Hope this meets with his approval!!  HA HA

Terry and Joyce were Lee and Mike's opponents.

Bill and Ken still playing against -

Matt and Paul!  See how wet the courts are?

When their match was over, Bill offered to take a picture of the group on the sideline.

Terry, Amy, Faye, Paul, Ken and Matt.

As I said, this is our last day at TT Orlando.  We leave tomorrow morning for another two weeks at TT Peace River, about 65 miles away.  Good-bye, Guys.  It was fun playing around with you.


Tue., Nov. 19 - My brother, Nelson, recently purchased a Villa in the retirement community known as The Villages, about 50-60 miles North of our campground at TT Orlando.  Landscapers had just completed the landscaping project so he called us yesterday and invited us to come up for a visit.  It appeared that today was going to be the best weather, so we took him up on his invitation.

Nelson showing Ken the front yard landscaping.  (Ken had his own tree and landscaping business years ago.)

The interior.  Dining area looking into the kitchen.  Kitchen view.  One of two Bedrooms and Baths.

Separate utility room and one and a half car garage.  For a car and a golf cart.  You MUST have a golf cart at The Villages.  

There is a screened porch that opens onto the patio.  Landscaping at the back corner and along the back privacy wall.

Testing out the living room sofa!

Nelson was so funny telling us about the furniture throughout the house.  He said the villa had been used as a model.  After negotiating the price, he had signed the contract to purchase the villa.  Then, he told the realtor that he did not want the furniture, would they have someone come by  and pick it up.  "No.  It came with the house!  You bought it." At first, it appeared to be included in the price, and came with the Villa.  But, actually he had paid for it!  Since he bought it, might as well use it, for awhile anyway!!

After visiting for awhile we rode around the newer part of The Villages.  We went to several golf clubs.  This is the one nearest Nelson's Villa.

In The Villages, there are a number of Neighborhood Recreational Centers and several larger Regional Recreational Centers. This is the newest Regional Recreation Center, The Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center.  The interior was decorated all things military!  Very posh!!  On the grounds of the Rec Center there was Tennis, Platform Tennis, Pickleball and an Olympic Size Pool for adults only, Etc.  But, no golf courses here.

The Olympic size adults only pool.

We enjoyed lunch at one of the Country Clubs!

The Villages is the perfect retirement community!!  There are unlimited activities in which to participate!!  What fun!!

But it was time to go home!  Bidding Nelson farewell at the front entrance!!

Thank you, Nelson, for a fun time in The Villages!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Mon., Nov. 11 - Today is Veterans' Day and Ken is a Veteran of two wars -- The Korean War when he was only 19 years old, and Desert Storm in 1990-91.  A lot of well known establishments pay honor to Veterans every year with special offers.  We usually enjoy some of the "freebies" that are offered.

We were headed for Denny's for free pancakes, but we saw Bob Evans first and stopped there  instead.  Their pancakes were delicious, but we felt Bob Evans Free pancakes cost more than Free pancakes at Denny's.  But then, Bob Evans gave Ken a coupon for a free entree in December.  What can I say!!  Thank you, Bob Evans!

We had already planned to go to Great Clips in Citrus Tower, Clermont, FL for hair cuts because we have used Great Clips the last few times we needed hair cuts.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a sign in the window that Veterans were given a Free hair cut on November 11.

Not only did Ken get a Free hair cut on Veterans' Day, but Great Clips gave him a Thank You card that offered another complimentary hair cut in December!!  Thank you, Great Clips!!

For dinner on Veterans' Day, Ken chose to go to Chili's, only a couple of miles from TT Orlando.  We LOVE their "Onion Strings and Jalapeno" appetizer!!  We were expecting to order Ribs for dinner; however, Chili's offered a very limited menu to Veterans, and Ribs were not on the list.  While we did enjoy our dinner at Chili's, I think next year Ken will choose TGI Fridays as in previous years.  Thank you, Chili's, for honoring our Veterans!

THANK YOU to all Veterans for your service!!


Fri., Nov. 08 - We moved from TT Peace River to TT Orlando yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.  And, first thing Friday morning we went to see who was playing at the Pickleball courts.  We were glad to see a good group there, most of them we knew very well.

Shortly  after we arrived, a nice lady approached me and said she and her husband had met us some years ago.  I did not recognize her at first, but when she said they were Lynn and Steve and had bought a place in Buttonwood, FL, I knew exactly who they were!!  I remembered meeting them at TT Chesapeake Bay and we had a lot of fun together playing Pickleball, Hand and Foot, Euchre and who knows what else.

We looked forward to playing around with them again.  Unfortunately, they were planning to leave TT Orlando on Saturday morning to head home.  To solve the dilemma  we invited them over for drinks and conversation later on Friday.  It really was fun getting reacquainted with Lynne and Steve!

We are looking forward to getting together with them again soon because they said Buttonwood is only 20 miles from TT Peace River in Wachula!

Sidebar:  I thought we met them at TT Chesapeake Bay in 2008, but Steve said we had met in the at TT Soledad Canyon in Acton, CA.  In fact, he said I had "pickled" him with a pickle pin.


Sat., Nov. 09 - Yesterday morning at Pickleball, we not only met up with Steve and Lynne, but we were delighted to see Diane and Jack even before we got to the courts!!  Great!!  I knew a Pickleball Happy Hour was a certain thing!!  Diane is the "Happy Hour Queen"!  And so, in a matter of minutes we were announcing Happy Hour on Saturday at Jack and Diane's!!

A good group of players were at the Happy Hour that afternoon.  We were greeted by Jack and Diane and Diane's mother, Mickey.

Nate and Krystal have an Annual Site at TT Peace River so we were surprised to see them at TT Orlando!  Krystal said it is the first time they have traveled in their 5th Wheel in two years!

We taught Bob and Vicki to play Pickleball at TT Chesapeake Bay in 2008.  Vicki had injured her right hand so she had to learn to play with her left hand!  They have been instrumental in introducing more people to the game of Pickleball!!

We just met this group this afternoon at the party.  Marylyn and Harold.  Anita and Mike who promised to be at the Pickleball courts soon.

Diane's brother and his wife, Jim and Marlene!  Both good Pickleball players!

Lynne and Steve decided to wait until Sunday to leave and were able to come to the Happy Hour!!

Rene and Mira.  We met them in 2010 on the courts at TT Peace River, and several times at TT Chesapeake Bay.

Just met Frank and his wife at the party tonight.  Welcome to the group!

This is an odd couple that I put together for the picture!!  We met Charlotte here at TT Orlando some years ago -- a really good players.  Joe just recently took up the game.  He is a welcome addition to the "family"!!  Joe is another player who injured his right hand and is forced to play left handed.  What's wrong with that??!!

After eating, some of us played another fun game -- Corn Hole!!
Rene and Nate on one end, and their partners at the far end, Jack and Marlene.
Ken and Joe and their partners Bob (with Joe) and Faye (with Ken).
Jim and Rene and partners Frank and Jack.

By the time the party broke up, it was dark!  Here we are staying "Good Night"!!

Thanks Diane and Jack for a really fun time!!


Sun., Nov. 10 - Just some of the action on the Pickleball courts this morning!!  Ken and I had already played and left.  I came back for pictures.

Frank and Bob played -

Diane and another Bob.

Nate and partner against -

Rene and Jack.

A group waiting between games.  Mike, Vicki, Krystal, Frank and Joe.

Thursday, November 7, 2013



Thur, Oct 31 -  We have know Stan and Sally for years.  In fact, we met them on the Pickleball courts at TT Orlando in the Spring of 2003 when Ken and Sally "butted heads" over a point!  After the match Sally was furious.  She picked up her paddle and bag and prepared to leave the court.  Ken stopped her and in his persuasive way, convinced her to stay.  That was the first time we met Stan and Sally and we have been close friends ever since.  In fact, Ken calls Sally his second wife!

For years we would meet at the Thousand Trails parks in Florida and even out west during the winter season.  Then, in 2009, Stan and Sally bought a site in Torrey Oaks, a private RV Park just north of Wauchula.  We have already been together several times this season, either at our place in the Thousand Trails park for hamburger night or at their site at Torrey Oaks.

Sally made arrangements for a group of us to go to Paul's Kitchen for dinner tonight because she had coupons offering $4 off your bill of $20.  Sounded good to us, even though we had just recently dined at Paul's.

We arrived at Stan and Sally's before the rest of the group, all from Torrey Oaks.  Time for wine and conversation!

Stan acting crazy like he frequently does!!

But Stan can be serious sometime!!  Notice the beautiful landscaping at their site.  They back up to the adjoining golf course.

The background for our picture is their brand new fifth wheel!

Shortly after the pictures, the rest of the group arrived.  We all enjoyed another glass of wine and lots of talk, and then we were off to Paul's Kitchen!!  Thanks guys for a fun evening!


Mon, Nov. 04 - Tonight Sally and Stan invited us to their place for Make-Your-Own Pizza!  While we were enjoying drinks and snacks, Sally's brother Jim arrived.  He was on his way from the Villages, where he recently bought a home, to Fort Myers for a softball tournament.  Stan and Sally were a convenient stop on his way.  It was fun meeting him and listening to stories of sibling rivalries as they were growing up -- Sally with all of her brothers.

And now it was time for Pizza!  Sally and Stan provided large size tortilla for the crust and a tray of makings for Pizzas:  Pizza sauce, jalapeno, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, Greek olives, bacon, pepperoni, cheeses, etc!!

Then we each chose our own ingredients.  Two Pizzas almost ready for the grill!

Pizza chefs proud of their finished products.

Ladies' Pizzas on the grill.

 We were happy with the end result, too!

Now it's time to enjoy!!!!!  HA HA

UUMMMM!!  Did you notice all of the Pizza pans?  Each of us had a set of two pans.  One pan had holes in the bottom for the grill.  Pizzas were grilled to perfection and then slipped onto the second Pizza pan for serving!  Great idea!!  Really neat!

What a fun night!!  Great idea!!  Thanks again guys!!