Sunday, November 2, 2008


Thanks so much for all of your kind thoughts!! Ken is doing well now, but you should see his hip BRACE!!! He won't be playing Pickleball for a loooong time!!!

Ken was doing a lot better yesterday (Saturday after surgery on Friday). Then they removed the epidural and gave him pain medicine instead. He has been soooooo sick all day today. Has not felt like eating (and the food is good -- I've been eating it). Doesn't feel like doing his exercises. Has not been walking with the PT. I'm worried that he is not getting any movement.

Learned today that Ken will be going to ReHab tomorrow (Mon), if he is doing OK and if they have room. I was very relieved that he had been approved for ReHab because I don't think I could manage him at home yet.

The Doctor just stopped by and is pleased with the surgery. Apparently, there was a lot more to this surgery than the original hip replacement because some older parts had to be removed before the new ball and socket could be inserted. There was the possibility of some nerve damage in the process, but everything appears to be good.

PS. Ken ate his Sunday dinner and seems to be feeling better (6:15 pm).


Ute said...

We send all our love and best wishes for Kens recovery and hope to see you next year on the Westcoast. We enjoy our life in a house in Carlsbad CA and hope to travel next summer. If I can reach travelfriends at your blob, please contact us if you go to pio pico.
Ute ,Guenter and Eike

Mark and Chris said...

Ken is a trooper and will be up and around in no time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Faye, would you believe 30 RVs at Walmart in Walterboro, SC tonight. We have never seen so many at one Walmart before. Orlando tomorrow.

Brits On Tour said...

Love and best wishes to you both. I'm sure it wont be toooo long before he is back on the pickeball court,

Ofelia said...

You guys are in our prayers and thoughts. We pray strength for both of you as Ken recovers. We miss you guys, but are greatful to read the blogs and keep up with you both. We are in a home in Prescott, AZ and have started pickleball in our community. We have about 22-28 players, just loving it. We hope sometime soon you'll consider comming up and visit or stay for awhile. We are on the edge of the National Forest here and just love our life here. Love, Chuck & Ofe' Rhodes

Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Keep posting Ken's progress and we will follow. We wish a speedy and lasting recovery. Before you know it, you will be a terror on the pickleball courts again. Hahahaha!

Hugs, Bob & LaVerne (The Clowns)

Betty Graffis said...

We too send our love, prayers and best wishes for Ken's speedy recovery and strength for you as you care for him. Joe played pickle ball on a beautiful new court in the woods at Bonney Lake Wash. as the guest of Judy Eagle and Vic Cissell a few weeks ago. Check our website for pictures of the beautiful setting.

Anita & Gordy Ewart said...

Very happy to hear about Ken's progress. Keep at it, fella! And you look after yourself, girl. Gotta stay happy & healthy for your next trip to CA where we hope to meet up again. Hugs to all TTN-ers we are missing... Love, Anita & Gordy Ewart