Monday, October 18, 2010


October 15 – 17 – Ken’s son Richard lives in Chula Vista, CA about 85 miles south of Menifee. This weekend, Richard and his friend Marlo brought their four children up to spend some time with us at Wilderness Lakes. They rented one of the rental trailers on a large site next to one of the many cannels.

We prepared a breakfast of finger foods for them on Saturday morning – boiled eggs, sausage links, donuts, fruits, juice and coffee.

Marlo and her two children Emily and Anthony; Richard (center) and his two boys, Russell and Jake with Grand PaPa Ken.

We planned that we would meet at the pool later and then have hot dogs and hamburgers at the campground dining room. Ken and I did not make it to the pool because we were tracking down a fire ring to use for a campfire after dinner. But we did join the group for lunch and CANDY BAR BINGO. The kids had a ball playing BINGO and each of them won several candy bars. It was a great way to occupy the children.

Later we went to the Ocktoberfest German Beer Tasting sponsored by the campground. They offered about 10 different German Beers for sampling (root beer for the kids). A great way to occupy the adults!! We don’t often get anything FREE from TT!!

Ken gets his first beer sample.

Faye had several samples!!

Ken found a beautiful Fraulein that made him happy! Guess she brought back memories of his Army days in Germany!!

Richard’s group arrives.

Ken is going to take Emily’s soft pretzel!! They were really good.

We prepared some of Ken’s Carolina Bar-B-Q with trimmings for dinner followed by Som-Mores around the campfire!!

No pictures of the campfire because my fingers were sticky from toasted marshmallows!!

Sunday morning Richard and Marlo treated us to Home Town Buffet in Hemet. We arrived for breakfast and stayed for lunch!!

This weekend was a great opportunity to meet Marlo and her family and to see how Russell and Jake had grown. Thanks for coming up, guys!!

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