Tuesday, November 30, 2010


November 26 - 30 – We are back at TT Wilderness Lakes for our time out of TT Palm Springs. I noticed on the schedule that they had a country music DJ at the Family Lodge Saturday night so I decided to go. I was there for an hour and a half and they danced only two line dances that I knew!! Everyone else seemed to know all the dances!! [Torrey Oaks dancers -- guess what one of the dances I knew was. "Little Red Book"!!]

TT Wilderness Lakes has line dancing scheduled every morning. I went on Monday. My new line dance friend Rhonda (met her at TT Mount Vernon 08/2010) was teaching. I learned some of the dances they were doing on Saturday night.

The line dance class. Rhonda is far right of picture, back row.

As it turned out, Rhonda will not be available to teach the rest of the week. I was recruited to teach!! Rhonda gave me the step sheets for the dances we learned on Monday and Mark made a CD of the music for me. I taught the class this morning (Tuesday) and will teach Wednesday and Thursday, too. It was fun!!

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Marge and John said...

So what dances did you teach?