Saturday, January 22, 2011


Jan 22 – Today we had the first Pickleball Tournament of 2011 at TT Wilderness Lakes. The Tournament was coordinated by Jessie, and Shirley was Scorekeeper. The format was Luck of the Draw Round Robin with each player playing six games.

We only had 10 competitors, but we were a fun group!! And a good time was had by all!!

Here is some of the action.

Francis and Ken against Dennis and Anthony.

Al and Wendell take on Jessie and Jim.

Ken and Al took on the team of Jim and Wendell. Jim and Wendell will be partners in the Palm Desert Senior Games in February.

Dennis and Phil play against Wendell and Ken.

What's happening here! Don't know if we're coming or going!!! Phil and Faye are trying to take on the team of Al and Dennis. Guess we've got THEM confused!!!

When the Tournament was over, Jim was the First Place Winner. Congratulations Jim!!

There are no pictures of the winners receiving their ribbons and prizes. That because Thousand Trails would not provide ribbons and prizes!!! No Ice Cream. No Hot Dogs. Not even a Candy Bar or a Ribbon. But that’s all right -- we had a good time anyway!!

Great job, Jessie and Shirley!!!

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