Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jan 26 – A few weeks ago I was planning to wash clothes in our Splendide Washer/Dryer in the motorhome. I loaded the unit with clothes and detergents, closed the door tightly, and pressed the Power Button. Nothing happened! I opened and closed the door several times and pushed the Power Button and the Start Button. Nothing happened!! The unit was dead.

I called the distributors for Splendide and they gave us the name of Sundance RV Mobile Repair as their representative in our area. We had used Sundance before and had confidence in their service. We explained our problem and he agreed to take care of the repair; however, he could not see us for a week. By that time, we would be out of the park for two weeks. We set up an appointment for the day after we returned to TT Palm Springs, January 26.

When Sundance came we explained to him that the Washer/Dryer was less than a year old. We had our old unit replaced in November 2009. In March of 2010 Camping Connection had to replace two circuit boards. Then, the heating element went out and needed to be replaced. We argued that it was a new machine and it appeared to be a lemon! Splendide would pay for repairs but would not replace it. Tiffin Motorhomes agreed to replace the machine. In April the current machine was shipped from Tiffin n Alabama to the Tiffin representative at Lazy Days in Florida and he arranged to have the machine installed by Longview RV Service in Florida. And now THIS machine has stopped running!!!

Sundance looked at our unit to determine the problem. He mentioned that it looked like we’d had a possible power surge that could have knocked out the Circuit Board. The Surge Protector in the machine had a “pin hole” burned area which showed evidence of a surge and probably would not be covered under the warrantee

After reporting our situation to the Splendide distributors, he had Good News!!! He said Splendide had agreed to cover the cost of parts and labor, except a charge of $55!!! An appointment has been set up for February 1 to have the Splendide repaired – Under Warrantee!!!

That was the first sign 2011 is going to be a good year!!!

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