Saturday, February 26, 2011


Feb. 24 - Today we went to visit Jeannette and John again. I have known Jeannette for years. In fact, Jeannette's sister Betty Lou was a classmate of mine and was my best friend. We all grew up together, went to school together, got baptized together, got married together, had children together, worked together, etc. Anyway, Jeannette and her husband, John have lived in San Diego for years. We always enjoy stopping by to see them whenever we are in the area.

I had carried with me a DVD of my Manchester High School class reunions. Although she was a couple of years behind Betty Lou and me in school, Jeannette knew most of my classmates and I thought she would enjoy seeing them as they are today. Before going out to dinner, we got a kick out of looking at the reunion pictures on the DVD. It was so funny! Our husbands were very patient listening to all of our laughs and "Who the heck is that?" and "Do you remember..." comments.

Later we went to dinner at their favorite haunt, Bully's.

We soon discovered why they like Bully's so much. Not only were the Prime Ribs delicious, but they were personal friends of the owner, JD!! We had the pleasure of meeting him, too.

Faye, Jeannette, John and JD.

After dinner, we had the waitress take our picture for the Blog!!

Thank you Jeannette and John for a delightful evening!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Feb 22 - We moved from TT Wilderness Lakes today to TT Pio Pico, southeast of San Diego, CA. We did not have to go temporarily to the North side as so often happens. We were able to go directly to a site on the South side. This is probably the best site we have ever had at TT Pio Pico. Not only is the site a large one with good views, it has 50 amps!!!

The view from our side yard -- A Babbling Brook!!!

One of the first people we saw after setting up was Phil. We had run into Phil several times in the past few months. In fact, we heard that he had won Gold in two Basketball events in the Palm Desert Senior Games -- The Free Throw and The Hot Shots!! When we asked him about it, he showed us his medals -- Impressive!!

Phil had told us he was coming to TT Pio Pico and how much he enjoyed the area because of the hiking and the Watercress that grows here. He agreed to take us on a short hike to gather Watercress that grows in a nearby creek. I was excited.

Before leaving, however, Phil and Ken argued about who had the better hiking sticks!! Phil's stick was made from Yucca cactus and Ken's was made from Saguaro cactus ribs. Both were strong and light weight!! But, Ken's was prettier!!

We found the Watercress!!

Here we are with our harvest!!

Thank you, Phil, for the adventure and the Watercress!! I have already made a delicious sandwich of soft bread and butter and Watercress. UUMMMMM!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ranger Al had mentioned to Ken that Asia Seafood Buffet in Murrieta had a great Chinese Buffet and they had Senior Day all day on Tuesdays -- one-half off for Seniors!! Sounded good to us so we decided today was the day to give it a try.

We told others on the Pickleball courts about the Asia Seafood Buffet and announced that we were going on Tuesday. Since Al could not leave until 4:30 we decided to leave at 4:15 and get a table for the group. Amazingly, when I called the restaurant to be certain they could accommodate our group, they asked if I wanted to make a reservation -- which I did!! When we arrived, there was a line out the door, but because of the reservation, we were able to pass on in!!

The buffet was as great as Al had described!! They had all the Chinese dishes plus piles of King Crab Legs and Shrimp and other Seafood plus a great Sushi Bar!! Great recommendation, Al!!

We had a total of 18 in our group!! Great turn-out!!


This morning, Tuesday, we were playing a game of Pickleball when Hal and Althea walked through the gate!! We have not seen them for years!! They are staying in Palm Springs and came to Hemet on other business. They took a detour to visit us at TT Wilderness Lakes.

The last we had heard, they had bought a place up in Washington a few years ago, so we figured we would not be seeing them again. They said they sold that place after a year and bought another in Mesa, Arizona!! Quite a change in climate!! They still have their rig and do some limited travel from time to time.

Hal played a couple of games of Pickleball with us. Said he had not played in quite a while until he got to TT Palm Springs. He still has his famous Slice and Dice technique!!

It was so good seeing them again. They looked wonderful!!


Valentines Day at TT Wilderness Lakes and we invited Cousin Kathy and Ron over for Tacos for lunch. Sunday had been a beautifully warm day but today it was overcast and cold, burrrr!! But Tacos were very good.

After lunch we cleared the table for a game of Euchre. They had never played so it was fun teaching them the game. Ron caught on quickly and Kathy kept saying, "I don't understand" as she took trick after trick! It was a close game but Kathy led the girls to victory!!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today, a knock on the door. Who could it be? When I opened the door – it was my cousin and her husband, Kathy and Ronnie, all the way from Richmond, Virginia!!!!! We had heard from her a couple of months ago that they might be heading West in their motorhome. I responded, asking them when and where they planning to be. Then I forgot about them!

And here they are!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Feb 03 – 05 – We just spent a really fun three days watching the Pickleball competition in the 2011 Palm Desert Sports Festival and Senior Games! I don’t have any idea how many participants there were but it was a lot!! Three whole days of intense competition.


Before telling you about this year’s Games, I’d like to share a little bit of history of how Pickleball became a part of the Palm Desert Senior Games. February 2006 goes down in history as the first year Pickleball was played as part of the Senior Games. This happened because Jessie, Jim and others had spent unimaginable energy laying the groundwork and convincing the powers that be of the importance of Pickleball being included in the Games. That year, I don’t know how many participants there were but I can tell you the representation has grown immensely to what it is today!!

That year (2006), Ken and I played in the Senior Games!!! We both will always remember that as one of our most memorable Pickleball experiences.

I played Women’s Doubles with Carolyn. We took Silver. . .

That’s because Ione and Carol beat us for the Gold!!

Ken played Men’s Doubles with Jim. Their experience was not so rewarding, but they had fun.

Then Ken and I had to play Norm and Jessie in our first match of the Mixed Doubles. They really cleaned our clock!!! We went into the Losers Bracket and had to play our way back to play Norm and Jessie again – this time for the Gold. Well, they were the ones who took the Gold. Look at the smiles on their faces!!!

And, we took Silver. Notice we are smiling, too!!!

What a great experience that was! Thank you Jessie for your endless hard work for Pickleball!! If it were not for you, all these people who played in 2011 would not have had that opportunity!!!

And here we are together again for the Games in 2011. Jessie is still playing. Ken and I have retired from that type of competition.


At this year's Senior Games there were lots of friends who were playing in the competition, or working at various positions, or just spectating. Some were doing all three!!

Here is Jim and Bert (left pictures) calling lines for a match. On the right is Rod serving as referee. Bottom right are Ruth (center) and Merralee (right) working at the score desk. Steve in the center picture was in charge of the referees. We heard it said that this was one of the smoothest run tournaments they had participated in. We think that's because of Steve!!

Jessie and Mark (left corner and center pictures) are calling lines. Linda (bottom left corner) and Roger and Barb (two right pictures) are serving as referees for some matches.

Lots of spectators!! At the left, Ken, Martin and Chuck enjoy the games. Bottom center shows me with long lost friends, Pat Carroll and Sheila!! I met them many years ago at TT LaConner. I have often wondered where they are now. And, here they are!! So glad to see them again.

The ladies watch a match. The crowd on the right was watching the Women's Singles match for the Gold. Bottom center picture: Ken, Carol, Heinz, and Renate. Everyone had a great time at the games!!!


Stephanie and Judy following a match. We taught Judy to play Pickleball years ago, so we took a special interest in her participation!! Great job, Judy!!

Linda and her partner.

Carol and Annie.

Judy and Stephanie!

Carol and Ione.

Judy and Partner.

Ron in singles match.

Bob also played singles.


Spike and his partner, Al.

Ron (blue cap) and his partner.

Carroll and Martin.

It was hard to know who to cheer for with friends at both ends of the court!! We just cheered for the good play!!

Jim and Wendell.

Bob (in black) and his partner.

Martin and Carroll - partners in match shown above.

The only Women's Singles match I saw. Sue playing against Barb. We happened to meet both of them one morning when we went with Mark and Chris to Cahuilla Hills Park to play Pickleball. They are great!


Mixed Doubles was the most popular event. Steve said there were more than sixty teams represented.

Carol and Wendell.

Annie and Roger.

Barb and Sue are at it again -- this time with partners!

Ione and her partner.

Wendell and Carol contemplate the situation.

Ron and Carol.

Jim and partner.

Judy played with Oland.

They played against Spike's partner, Al, and his partner. Judy and Oland lost this one!

Pat Carroll and her partner.

Always meet your opponents at the net after the game and say Good Game!! (Judy and Oland won this match.)

Bob and his partner. She is tiny but she's dynamite!!

What a great time we all had at the Senior Games 2011!!