Saturday, February 26, 2011


Feb. 24 - Today we went to visit Jeannette and John again. I have known Jeannette for years. In fact, Jeannette's sister Betty Lou was a classmate of mine and was my best friend. We all grew up together, went to school together, got baptized together, got married together, had children together, worked together, etc. Anyway, Jeannette and her husband, John have lived in San Diego for years. We always enjoy stopping by to see them whenever we are in the area.

I had carried with me a DVD of my Manchester High School class reunions. Although she was a couple of years behind Betty Lou and me in school, Jeannette knew most of my classmates and I thought she would enjoy seeing them as they are today. Before going out to dinner, we got a kick out of looking at the reunion pictures on the DVD. It was so funny! Our husbands were very patient listening to all of our laughs and "Who the heck is that?" and "Do you remember..." comments.

Later we went to dinner at their favorite haunt, Bully's.

We soon discovered why they like Bully's so much. Not only were the Prime Ribs delicious, but they were personal friends of the owner, JD!! We had the pleasure of meeting him, too.

Faye, Jeannette, John and JD.

After dinner, we had the waitress take our picture for the Blog!!

Thank you Jeannette and John for a delightful evening!

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