Monday, March 7, 2011


Mar 07 - Friends Pam and Joe have been leasing a site this winter at TT Palm Springs. They have lived nearby for years and have some family living in the area. So, they took advantage of their time here and bought a house in LaQuinta, about five miles from the campground.

Other mutual friends, Pam and Bob, have spent the last two months at the Voyager in Arizona. They are back at TT Palm Springs for a few days before heading home in Washington. We decided to leave TT Wilderness Lakes a day earlier than scheduled so we could see them again before they left. We arrived at TT Palm Springs late this morning.

Pam and Joe invited the four of us to their new home for Margaritas and nibbles before going out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, the Fisherman.

(I had my camera but the battery was still in the charger, so only a couple telehone pictures!)

Joe and Bob threaten to throw Ken into the pool!!

Toasting the new house and good friends.

Ken, Pam, new home owners Joe and Pam, and Bob.

After the champaign toast, we went to the Fisherman for dinner. It's a very popular place. At this restaurant, you stand at the counter where you can view the different fish on ice and make your selection. They have dinner specials and if you are in line before 5:30 pm, you get an Early Bird Discount. After ordering, waiters take you to a table and later bring your order to you. Ken ordered Fish and Chips; I had chargrilled Salmon. Food was delecious!
We, ourselves, have been out of TT Palm Springs for a month (per TT Rules), so it was fun getting together with all of them again!!

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