Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A new interesting, exciting, fun game is being played following Pickleball at TT Wilderness Lakes!! The game was invented by Bill (left).

The new game is a combination of Pickleball (of course), Tennis, Volleyball, and Fun!! It is played on the entire tennis court using a Pickleball and paddles. Today there were four players on each team; yesterday each team had five players. I suppose the game can be played with six or more players on each team.

Apparently the only rule is there are no rules!!! Actually there are a few rules.

When serving you can stand anywhere on the appropriate side of the court and you must serve cross court. The serve must land in the opposite service box. When a team earns the serve, players rotate on the court as they do in volleyball.

The Pickleball two-bounce rule applies. The ball bounces once in the receivers' court. The servers must let the ball bounce on their end of the court before being able to volley the ball.

Set-up and assist is allowed as in volleyball, except only one assist is allowed before the ball must be hit to the opponents. This set-up and assist seems to be very effective.

After the above rules, anything goes!! The group seemed to have a lot of fun which is another rule of the game -- Have Fun!!

Here is some of the action!

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