Friday, May 27, 2011


When we returned from Payson, we were chatting with Paul about Payson, the Rodeo, etc. Paul said he used to ride the Pony Express from Scottsdale to Strawberry where he handed
off the mail pack to the next rider!! He rode right through Payson!! He said he also rode with the Sheriff's posse! How about that!!!

Ever since we have been traveling, I have been looking for "Real Cowboys"!! I saw one in Texas when we drove through Big Bend. And I guess you could say they were Real Cowboys that we saw driving the sheep through TT Verde Valley years ago. And then there was the Real Cowboy who took us horseback riding at Historic Prude Ranch in For Davis, TX.

But here, I have been playing Pickleball for years with Paul -- He is a Real Cowboy!!!

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