Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, as you know we have spent the entire summer (since mid-April) in and out of TT Verde Valley. We have been tied up with medical appointments and RV repairs of various kinds. Our friends, Roger and Linda, were here long term as well while they waited for repairs to their motor home. The four of us played Pickleball almost every morning, went out to dinner a few times, took the drive to Schnebly Hill to watch the sunset, etc. They helped make our summer here at Verde Valley a lot more fun!!

Another couple of friends from England, Mary and her husband Ken, arrived about a week ago and have joined our Pickleball foursome! It's been a lot of fun!! Mary and Ken will be here a while longer. We are really glad about that!!

Roger and Linda's motor home is now repaired and they left this morning, heading for Las Vegas and points West!! We will surely miss them!! Last night (Thursday) we all decided to go out to Murphy's Grill for a farewell dinner for them! Here's our group around the table. Mary, Ken, Roger, Ken, Faye, and Linda.

We all agreed the food was great. You may wonder what I have in front of me. Tonight's Appetizer Special was $1 Sliders, so I ordered four for dinner. Never had a Slider before. They were delicious however I only ate two!! Center front is Linda's plate of Fish Tacos and sweet potato fries. My Ken and Mary each had the Reuben Sandwich. Roger got the Fettucini Alfredo. But we all decided the best buy of the night was the other Ken's Top Sirloin with all the trimmings!!

Anyway. We wish Happy Travels to Roger and Linda! See you down the road!!

This morning, as Roger and Linda hit the road, Ken and Mary joined Ken and me for four vigorous games of Pickleball!!

In the mornings, after Pickleball, Ken, Mary and I go to the pool for water aerobics. The pool is really refreshing after such strenuous games!! Another couple, Mike and Donna, have been joining us for water aerobics each morning, too.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Aug 06 - Saturday late afternoon during Happy Hour with Linda and Roger, Ken and I pointed out that it appeared to be one of the few evenings that the Monsoon rains were not coming in -- it looked like promise of a clear evening. Would they like to take a ride to Schnebly Hill to watch the sunset. So we all grabbed a bottle of wine, piled into Roger's Hummer and headed for the Hill. We directed them North on I-17 to Schnebly Road and took the winding dirt road over to the Vista.

There were a number of other people there to watch the sunset, too -- Yellow Jeep Tours, Pink Jeep Tours, etc. Here we are just before the sunset.

Beautiful! Breathtaking!!

The scenic Red Rocks on the drive down off the Hill.

A fun evening that ended at Denny's for Coffee and Pie!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Friday, Aug 05 - Today we took an impromptu drive to Phoenix. A couple of days ago we discovered our Inverter was out of whack! Ken was able to find a rebuilt one at Tekris in Phoenix (Gilbert), AZ. It was the only one they had so we had to make our move quickly. Jumped in the car and took off.

Turns out Tekris is a small company, named for the owner, Chris -- Tech and Chris -- TEKRIS. Every time we called the company Chris answered promptly. Sometime I would press 1 for Customer Service, sometimes 2 for Technical Service, sometimes 6 for Administration. Chris always answered. Turned out he was actually located in New Jersey and Robert was the representative in Phoenix.

Ken and Robert put the Inverter in the car.

A few days later Paul (Paul's RV) installed the Inverter. All is well -- with the Inverter, at least!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


With one thing and another -- medical appointments and RV repair appointments, we are still hanging around at TT Verde Valley. It's a good thing we love this area, since we have had to stay for so long -- since the middle of April.

Pickleball friends, Roger and Linda, are still here, too. Their RV blew a rod, or something like that, and it's taking a couple of months to complete the repairs. They are renting a trailer at TT. So glad they are here!! We have enjoyed the competition on the Pickleball courts every morning!

Roger, Faye, Linda and Ken!

After Pickleball, I would head to the pool for some Billie Jo water aerobics. One morning I met Tina who has now been joining me every morning! Tina just happens to be the Arizona State TOPS Queen 2010!! I was thrilled to meet such a celebrity!! Tina told me that in 2010 she had weighed over 300 pounds. With help from TOPS, and proper diet and life style changes, she was able to lose 135 pounds!! Thus winning the title of Queen!! Amazing!! Congratulations Tina!!

Tina (in front) and another water aerobics participant.

While talking with Tina, her husband Ron joined us at the pool. Turns out Ron plays Pickleball!! He has been joining us at the Pickleball courts in the mornings!!

Roger, Ken, Ron.

We are certainly glad there are still a few RVers still at TT Verde Valley that we can play around with!!