Tuesday, August 2, 2011


With one thing and another -- medical appointments and RV repair appointments, we are still hanging around at TT Verde Valley. It's a good thing we love this area, since we have had to stay for so long -- since the middle of April.

Pickleball friends, Roger and Linda, are still here, too. Their RV blew a rod, or something like that, and it's taking a couple of months to complete the repairs. They are renting a trailer at TT. So glad they are here!! We have enjoyed the competition on the Pickleball courts every morning!

Roger, Faye, Linda and Ken!

After Pickleball, I would head to the pool for some Billie Jo water aerobics. One morning I met Tina who has now been joining me every morning! Tina just happens to be the Arizona State TOPS Queen 2010!! I was thrilled to meet such a celebrity!! Tina told me that in 2010 she had weighed over 300 pounds. With help from TOPS, and proper diet and life style changes, she was able to lose 135 pounds!! Thus winning the title of Queen!! Amazing!! Congratulations Tina!!

Tina (in front) and another water aerobics participant.

While talking with Tina, her husband Ron joined us at the pool. Turns out Ron plays Pickleball!! He has been joining us at the Pickleball courts in the mornings!!

Roger, Ken, Ron.

We are certainly glad there are still a few RVers still at TT Verde Valley that we can play around with!!

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