Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Dec. 26 - We arrived at TT Pio Pico about the middle of the day on Wednesday, 22nd. We were lucky again!! Went straight to the south side and found an open 50 AMP site!! Pulled right in! The weather was very nice during the day, but down into the twenties during the night! Burrr

We spent most of our time away from the campground. It was not until Tuesday, 26th that we took a drive around the campground. We could not believe how things have changed!!

Almost all of the sites in "E" and "L" sections (down near the Adult Pool and a favorite area for a lot of transit RVers) have been turned to Leased Sites, virtually eliminating those sections from use by travelling RVers. "!

But we were astounded when we drove over to the North side. Many of the sites on that side have also been turned to long-term sites. Many of the sites looked like the occupants have been there for years!! In other words, they look like "Squatters"! At the end of December when you think Pio Pico would be filled to capacity, the North side was nearly empty, except for the long-term campers! It was really sad!!

The pictures don't show the full impact. There's a lot of "stuff" behind the shrubbery.

A nice gazebo but lots of stuff accumulated along the fence.

This site wins the prize!!!

One thing that has not changed since we were last there in February 2011 is the Pickleball courts!! They are exactly as we left them!! The surface has not been cleaned; the nets are down; cracks are forming in the middle of the court. It is a real shame to let nice courts go unattended to deteriorate.

PS. No Pickleball court has been painted under the shelter at the family lodge!!


Mark and Chris said...

Pretty sad condition by the looks of things but with family in the area I expect you guys are away lots from your site. Peace River isn't any better. Lots of annual site signs posted on prime empty 50 amp sites so nobody else can use them. So very wasteful!

Hope you two are well and enjoying another west coast winter. We'll definitely be out that way again next year. May even look at a long term site in Palm Springs for the entire winter.

Stay safe.

Wishing you both a very healthy and prosperous 2012.

Becky & Richard said...

Darn, Faye and Ken! It was sad to see the photos from Pio Pico. We were last there in January, 2011. We are at TT Soledad Canyon. A lot of "squatters" here too. But, it is close to Pasadena where my Dad and others members of my family reside. Happy New Year!

Ali said...

Popped over from somewhere...we are also full time RV'rs currently managers of an Escapee Co-op in Hondo, TX. Thanks for sharing about Pio Pico...I had heard that was a prime TT park and so hard to get in. Sad to see it looking so sad and abused. Would like to follow along on your blog, but couldn't find any way to do that.

Bob Johnston said...

Use of Pio Pico has dropped in the past year, due to the economy and price of fuel. Seems like only those who are full timers can travel much now. But, have heard from some they did not go there this year, because it has been so full in the past. Will have to let them know. Remember, the "Squeaky Wheel" gets the grease. Use of Pickle Ball courts has dropped off in the past few years. Only where they are holding tournaments are they still used. Posting complaints here does little good. Complaining to the Manager helps more, and comments on the 1000trails complaints or in the Official Facebook page in the Link "Customer Care" does get response from ELS. Several lately have had good results there.

Bob Johnston said...

In the photos, there are some pretty bad violations of the rules. One is that nothing can be hung from the trees. If members do not complain to the manager or rangers, and in the complaint cards nothing is done. If we do not complain, then can we really blame anyone but ourselves? Ive complained in various parks about rule violations, and action has always been taken. However, some of the worst violators of rules are the park employees. So dont blame them on those leasing spaces unless you have proof they are leasing. We leased a space in several parks, and if the members would keep their own sites as well as we do, we would have no complaints. Right now we lease a space in VV, and complained about a violation by a member feeding wild pigs, which brought a whole pack in... They can be dangerous if they feel trapped or cornered. It was taken care of immediately by the Ranger on duty.