Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jan 24 - Tuesday afternoon at TT Wilderness Lakes, what do you do? Why, you go to the 50% Senior Special at The Asia Seafood Buffet in Murrieta, about 10 miles south of the campground. Diane had suggested the Pickleball players meet there for the buffet. We all quickly agreed and I made the reservations for sixteen!

Lois, Diane, Jim and Jenny in the first booth.

Around the big table: Phyllis, Ranger Al, Brownie, Jessie, Dick, and Bev. Ken and I are at the other end of the table but you can't see us!

In the second booth: Carol, Clint, Jenny, and Dale. Dale really knows how to work those chop stix!!

And here we are at last: Ken and Faye. Jessie and Brownie across the table from us. Brownie almost NEVER poses for pictures. This time he posed but made an exaggerated point of licking his fingers after eating fried chicken!! That's why I'm laughing so big!! I have on my sunglasses to hide the fashionable bandage mentioned in another article.

It was another delicious buffet at the Asia Seafood Buffet!! Thanks for suggesting it, Diane!

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P & C said...

Faye you look VERY happy