Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was sitting in our yard at TT Palm Springs in early April.  I found myself mesmerized by a little red thing flitting over a plant in our neighbor's yard.  It looked like a little butterfly but it kept flying around and around in the same place.

I couldn't stand it any longer so walked over to get a closer look.  My neighbor was sitting on his patio.  He explained to me that it was a Solar Powered Butterfly!!  He said he bought several of them at a little place at the mall in Palm Springs in front of the theatre.

You have heard the phrase "It's not Rocket Science"!  Well sometime it's more than Rocket Science!!  I'll explain.  As we talked, my neighbor said, "I'm a Rocket Scientist and I can't figure out how the inventor was able to calculate the exact amount of solar strip, wire, weight of butterfly, etc. to create the little butterflies to fly like they do!"

Ken and I have really enjoyed our Amazing Little Butterflies!!

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