Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tue, Aug 7 - Today we drove into Santa Barbara to go to the Farmer's Market again and, before that, we went early enough to visit the Museum of Natural History.  The Museum was good but I thought the best part was the Butterfly Garden.  I didn't plan to post anything about it, but we ended up with such fabulous pictures of butterflies, I just had to share them with you.  Enjoy!

Picture taken by Ken.  No cropping, no enhancements!  Amazing that the butterfly stayed still long enough to take the picture.  Good job, Ken!

Beautiful little orange butterfly.

Can you find the white butterfly?  Almost camouflaged among the leaves.

Multicolored brown butterfly.

Jewel tone butterfly.  Wow!

Another orange butterfly, but different from the first.

The butterflies loved this type of flower.

Another beautiful black and yellow butterfly.  The first black butterfly was black and blue.

This was the most amazing picture taken by Ken.  He trained the two butterflies to stay in that position until he could snap the picture!

You can see why I simply had to share these pictures with you.  I know our friend Mark, who is into photography, would have loved this opportunity!!

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