Thursday, February 28, 2013


Web 02/27 - Today I was scheduled for a procedure to be performed on my right eye.  I usually see the Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda, but this appointment was at his location in Riverside.  I have a magazine article from the Inland Empire Magazine that highlights the best Taco locations in the IE (Inland Empire).  One Taco place mentioned in the article was Mijos Tacos in Riverside, only about two miles from my doctor's office.  We decided to go there for lunch before my appointment.

Mijos was not an upscale place but a small Taco shop in a shopping strip on Hole Avenue in Riverside.

Ken and I each ordered a fish taco and a shrimp taco, brought to us by our cheerful hostess/waitress!

While we were enjoying our tacos, we chatted with the nice young couple at the next table -- about RVing and Pickleball, of course.  We mentioned that I have a Blog that showed a little Pickleball (HA HA), and took their Email address so I could send them the link.  I asked Jesse and Carmen if I could take their picture for the Blog.  I love this man!!  Not only was he happy to pose for a picture, he rounded up our waitress so she could take the picture of the four of us!

A fun and delicious time at Mijos Tacos!!

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