Saturday, March 16, 2013


Feb 27 - As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I have an article from Inland Empire Magazine recommending the best tacos in the Inland Empire -- "The Underground Taco"..

The tacos pictured in the article were from Village Tacos in Redlands.  Today I had a follow-up appointment with my Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda -- just 3 miles from Redlands!!  I talked Ken into trying the Village Tacos tacos!

The manager and waitress made it a fun experience when we ordered our tacos.  I told them about the article I had read and told them they were highly recommended.  Ultimately, I said I wanted to order the tacos exactly like those shown in the picture.

Our shredded beef tacos in crispy tortilla arrived.  We were pleased!

Here we are enjoying our tacos!

Call me crazy but we have been sampling tacos that were recommended in "The Underground Taco" whenever we happened to be in the area.  So far, Milo's Tacos in Riverside (02.27) wins!

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