Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Wed, Sept 23 - We had another delightful visit with Ken's daughter, Tracy at the ranch where she lives in Sanford, FL.  In an earlier article dated October 8, I mentioned that there were stables on the property housing about twenty horses.  Today we walked over to see some of the horses.

In the first stable were several beautiful small horses.  They are a particular breed but I can't remember.

Ken feeding a peppermint drop to one of the small horses.

In another stable, Ken and Tracy make friends with one of the show horses.

This collection of bridles will give you some idea of the number of horses stabled here.

Faye and Ken with a beautiful grey.

Saying Good Bye to us as we leave the stables.

Have you ever seen a treadmill for horses?  I noticed a note posted next to one of the stalls stating the amount of time the horse was scheduled to spend on the treadmill.  I thought that was curious!  As we left the stables we passed by the horse treadmill!  What an interesting apparatus!  And so BIG!!

When we returned to the main house, I excused myself to use the Powder Room to wash my hands after playing with the horses.  You will recall from my October 8 articlet that each room in the house had a different animal decor.  Well, this is the Zebra Room!

Before dinner, we enjoyed drinks in the sitting alcove in front of the house overlooking one of the pastures.  Beyond the pasture you can just barely see County Road 427.

Later we gathered in the Elephant Room for dinner.

Tracy had prepared another elegant and delicious meal.  This time it is Mussels and Clams Linguine with White Wine Sauce!  UUUMMMMMM!!

Dinner by candle light!

Thank you Tracy for entertaining us so royally!!

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