Sunday, November 16, 2014


Tue - Nov. 11 - We were leaving TT Peace River early this morning.  Apparently, when driving to the exit, Ken drove over a speed bump and one of the storage bin doors popped open.  Unfortunately, we were unaware that this had happened.  As Ken drove around the curve out to Highway 17, the open storage bin door hit one of the steel pools lining the circumference of the curve.  That knocked the door half way off so we could not drive.

Before leaving, we had to remove the damaged door completely.  Here is a picture of the damage taken after we arrived at the TT Orlando campground.  If it had to happen, this is the best door for it to happen to.  As you can see there is not much stored behind this door.

Now we have to decide where to have the repair work done.  We would like to go to the Tiffin Factory in Red Bay, Alabama but that is 635 miles away and we would not go until Spring.  Guess we will have to look around this area to see whom we might get to do the job.

Always something!!!

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irishrovers said...

Sorry to hear about this, it is always a worry for us too.
Dick & Rockey