Saturday, November 8, 2014


Mon, Nov. 03 - We are now at TT Peace River in Wauchula, FL.  We knew that Joe and Cis (PA) were planning to be down at their RV site in Torrey Oaks, about five miles up the road, on Monday.  So I called and told them that Ken would be cooking up some of his Chile Soup on Monday and we would like to bring it by and share with them for dinner, if they were available.  She said they would love that, and she said that mutual friends Stan and Sally (MI) were also arriving at Torrey Oaks on Monday.  So, we called and invited them to join us for dinner, too.  It was so great to get with these friends again!

After dinner picture:  Faye, Joe, Cis, Ken, Sally and Stan!

Thur, Nov 06 - We joined friends Sally and Stan and Cis and Joe at Paul's, a local restaurant favorite here in Wauchula, FL.  And Paul's does offer a great meal for your money!!

A picture of my calf's liver and onions with rice and green beans.  And you don't even see the chicken and rice soup, salad, bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cup of hot coffee!!!  All for less than $10!!  Do you wonder why Paul's is a favorite!!??

Here's the group around the table after enjoying our dinner.  Joe, Sally, Stan, Faye, Ken and Cis.

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