Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Mon, Dec. 29 - December is Birthday Month for Ken and our friends Lois and Karen.  We always try to celebrate the birthdays together when we are all in the same area.  Lois and husband Gene have a condo in Venice, FL only about 85 miles from TT Peace River; so we drove over there to celebrate the birthdays today.  It just happens to be Karen's birthday.

Karen is back in Virginia having just had neck surgery, but we wanted to include her in the festivities!  So I had a picture of her and husband Dennis made into poster size and included them in all the birthday pictures!

Happy Birthday Ken, Karen and Lois.

We served them drinks and some nibbles!  Didn't want them to be left out!

We stopped for a quick picture as we went out for dinner.  Faye, Ken, Karen, Dennis, Gene and Lois.

And we all enjoyed a great fish dinner at Cedar Reef Fish Camp!

It was a fun and delicious birthday celebration!  We look forward to next year's event!!

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