Saturday, January 31, 2015


Fri, Jan 23 - This morning we had an error message on our TV.

This receiver will shut down.  The receiver is running hot.

Oh, horror of horrors!!  We won't be able to watch TV today!!!  Today of all days!!!  The Australian Open tennis is playing all day -- all week!!  And our college in Richmond, VA (Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), currently ranked 16th in the NCAA, is playing St. Louis tonight!!  What can we do??

We called Direct TV.  We tried everything.  We unplugged the Receiver.  We re-plugged the Receiver.  We tested this.  We tested that.  There was nothing to be done.  The receiver is too hot.  So we ordered a replacement receiver to be shipped to us at TT Peace River, but it will not arrive until next week sometime!!!

We asked all of our friends to record the VCU game although we knew we would probably not watch it after the fact.

And then, we had an idea!!!  We stacked wooden "TV Trays" on top of each other and placed a house fan to blow on the Receiver to cool it.  It worked!!!

With the new set up, we were able to watch the VCU game against St. Louis!!  (They won in the last seconds of the game!)  We could record and watch the Australian Open tennis all day and all night!!!  The fan kept the Receiver cool and in turn, kept us cool!!!

Hopefully, we will be able to install the replacement receiver when it arrives!!  Can't live with this set-up forever!!!

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