Monday, February 9, 2015


Sat, Feb 05 - Yes.  That's right.  Ken spent a few days in South Lake Hospital, Clermont, FL!  We took him to the Emergency Room on Thursday afternoon because he was easily exhausted with the least bit of exertion .  He had been feeling like he could not catch his breath with a lot of coughing to get the phlegm out of his chest.  We decided it was time for him to get checked out.

Almost as soon as he checked into the Emergency Room they had him on oxygen.  They gave him a couple of breathing treatments and ran a number of tests.  After further treatment in the ER, they decided to admit him to the hospital for observation and further tests.

After a couple of days of tests, the doctors' diagnosis was COPD -- chronic bronchitis and emphysema, etc.  And his blood pressure was unusually high!

After treatment of steroids and antibiotics, etc. Ken felt (and looked) a lot better.  He was released on Saturday afternoon with some new prescriptions and told to follow up with a local Primary Care Physician.

Now back home and feeling a lot better!!


DDonald said...

Please give Ken our very best. Glad to hear he's back home and feeling better.

Mark and Chris said...

Glad to hear Ken is doing better.

irishrovers said...

Glad to hear he got good care at the hospital and is now doing better. Might consider getting an oxim
eter to spot check his oxygen saturation. It's the little thing they clamp on his finger in the hospital. $39 at WalMart.