Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Fri, Feb. 13 - About two months ago our rear Dometic Air Conditioner/Heat Pump stopped cooling or heating.  The weather was mild enough that we chose not to have it replaced right away.  Besides, we had just spent a bundle replacing the tires on Highway Runner.

But now the weather in Florida is much colder so we decided to bite the bullet have have the unit replaced.  We stopped by Camping Connection on 192 and ordered a new one and set up an appointment to have the unit installed at our site at TT Orlando.

This is not the new AC!!  The techs are removing the old, worn out unit!!

The new Air Condition/Heat Pump is much more fancy than our old one.  This one has a digital thermostat with blank-de-blank settings and programming options.  Dan from Camping Connection told us, "Do not touch the programming button!!"  Hope we can conquer the new equipment!


A couple of weeks ago when we were moving from TT Peace River to TT Orlando, the motor home would not start and Ken had to jump it with the Suzuki to get it going.  While we were at TT Orlando for two weeks, Ken had a "Trickle Charger" attached to the coach batteries to keep them charged.

This morning, he decided to start the coach to check the batteries.  No luck!!  And we are scheduled to depart tomorrow morning!!  Again Camping Connection came to the rescue!!  It just so happened that Dan and his partner were in the campground and could fit us into their schedule to install new batteries!!  Of course the job was not as simple as it should have been, but a couple of hours later we have two new InterState batteries!!!
Interstate 31-MHD Truck & Van Battery 950 CCA
Just waiting to see WHAT NEXT!! 

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