Monday, April 19, 2010


April 19 – We got together with friends for the Santa Fe Two for $12.99 Special! It was a lot of fun, and delicious!! I keep telling Ken that my Club Steak was so tender it melted in my mouth. In fact, my steak was so tender it was like eating butter!! Next time I think I’ll ask if they will serve the Teriyaki Glaze and Pineapple on the side. While it was delicious, I’d like to try the steak without the glaze. Sally got the Texas Tips. Stan said he like that flavor better than the Teriyaki Glaze.

Around the table: Pat, Keith, Faye, Ken, Stan, Sally, Mitch and Barb.

The last time we were together with Stan and Sally and Mitch and Barb, Mitch drove us all to Cheyenne’s in Church Street Station, Orlando, for Nickel Beer!! A few pictures from that outing as a reminder!!

Too bad Cheyenne’s is closed down now!!!

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