Monday, December 27, 2010


Dec. 27 – Jeannette, a really good friend with whom I grew up, now lives in San Diego. She has been living here for years now. When we finished touring the Midway, I realized we were not too far from her home, just north of La Jolla. I gave her a call and we were cordially invited to visit, even at such short notice.

We were greeted by Jeannette and two of her daughters-in-law, and five of their off spring!! After meeting everyone, we indulged in a much appreciated Jim Beam and water. (Touring the Midway was exhausting!!) It was wonderful to see Jeannette again and to meet her family and chat. I’m sorry we had to cut our visit short.

Jeannette had told us some of her sons and husband John were off playing golf. They arrived home just as we were leaving, so we got to say Hi to all of them, too.

We’ll be back in the area again in February and hope to visit when there is more time.

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