Saturday, January 1, 2011


TT Palm Springs held a New Year’s Eve Party on Friday night.

Some of us Pickleball players went over for the occasion!!

Mark, Merralee, Dennis, Julie, Bob, Barb (taking the picture), Olan and Chris.

We had wanted to all sit together but the seating arrangement did not allow for it.
At our table: Jerry, Dell, Ken and Faye on the other side. The other four people at the table were unknown but became friends.

Across the room was the Hiking Group. On the right of the table: Bob, Muriel, Bob, Carol. On the left side are other hikers but we do not know them. Sidebar: Carol is also an excellent Pickleball player and is even better at Horseshoes!!

There were lots of appetizers and snacks. Everyone brought their own drinks and ice. Music was provided by Stan Wayne. He was a little too subdued for my taste.
Some of the crowd.

All in all it was a good party but Ken and I could not last to midnight!! We wished our friends A Happy New Year an hour early and went home to watch the ball drop on TV!!

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