Sunday, December 12, 2010


Saturday, December 11 – We spent a fun day over at Catalina Spa, Desert Hot Springs, where they were having a Welcome Back Tournament. We used to know quite a few people over there and several of our friends were playing in the tournament.

The first people we saw were Steve, Cheryl and Paul who were in charge of Food Services and serving hamburgers and all the trimmings. We would return later for our lunch.

The first matches we watched were friends Jim P. and Linda. We sat with Jim’s wife Shirley as we watched the pair go down to the ultimate winners of the Gold Medal.

Jim and Linda came back to win their next matches only to meet up with their first opponents for a second time in a match to determine which team won Gold.
The Medals were presented: Bronze Winners; Gold Medalists; and Jim and Linda took home the Silver. Great matches!!

Our very good friends Marion and Tom leave just outside of Catalina Spa. Marion came over to visit with us while we were in their neighborhood. We were enjoying Steve’s hamburgers when Marion and other friends joined us.

Jessie, Marion, Frank, Ken, Faye

Tom was refereeing one of Jim and Linda’s matches so we went over to watch. When he was finished, we all enjoyed a beer together.

It was not long before Tom and his partner Ray played their match. It was against none other than Jim P. and Linda's husband Rick!!
(Notice the mountains in the background!)

It was a beautiful day to watch a lot of Pickleball!! Congratulations to everyone who played!!

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