Monday, December 13, 2010


Monday, December 13 – Canadian friends Bob and Muriel told me about the Monday Steak and Egg Breakfast Buffet at Augustine Casino. The price was only $3.50 after applying the $1 discount with the Players Club Card and the $2 Food Coupon given to each person at the Players Club desk. In addition, the Casino gave each person $2 free play at the Slots.

Bob and Pam, Dottie and Larry joined us early this morning for the Buffet. We all checked in at the Players Club Desk. We discovered that we were already members from back in 2005 when we were out West. They updated our Players Club Cards, gave each of us our $2 free play, and the $2 Food Coupon. We were happy.

Then we discovered our friends were all new members of the Augustine Casino Players Club. They each got: the Players Club Card with $7 free play, a $2 Food Coupon, a $5 Food Coupon, AND a free Golden Gamers tee shirt!!! We protested but to no avail!! All the extra goodies were for NEW members only.

The buffet was very good, the steak delicious!! Bob and Pam ended up winning close to $20 on their Players Cards. Our slot play ate up our Free play plus some more $$$, and we ended up with $0!! Not sure how Dottie and Larry did at the Slots!!

Anyway, WHAT A DEAL!!! Thanks Bob and Muriel for the "Heads Up"!!

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