Sunday, January 9, 2011


Jan 09 – We had a wonderful time today when we went to the Polo Match with Myrtice and Chuck!! It was Opening Day at the Empire Polo Club. It was open to the public and general admission was Free!! None of us had ever been before and we had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, everything was perfect!!

First, we met Myrtice and Chuck at the Tavern Tack Room where we had a wonderful lunch in a delightful setting.
We decided to eat on the Patio it was such a beautiful day.

Fountain on the patio.

Inside the Tack Room.
After lunch we drove the short distance over to the Empire Polo Club. As we approached a large lady was leading a horse across our road. We stopped for her, teased her about hitting her, and she laughed and gave us a big bow. When we left her we saw a sign that said Tailgate Parking right next to the field. That was the perfect place to park and set up our chairs to view the match. We arrived in time to see the last part of the 12 o’clock match.

Our match did not start until 2 o’clock so we had a little time to walk across the field and check out the sights. Crossing the field, Myrtice and Chuck “stumbled” across a thrown horse shoe – a real Prize!!

Here we are enjoying ourselves at the matches!!

It was not only Opening Day, it was Hat Day at the Polo match. I captured this scene honoring the occasion!

We walked over to see the horses up close and personal. Here is the lady we almost hit on the road. She was very friendly and took time to talk with us. She was working for the “Shanghai” team from Los Angeles that was racing next, in our race. She said only Thoroughbred horses are used in Polo. There are four members on each team and two referees on the field at one time. Sixty horses are used for each match. Each team member uses seven different horses, changing horses at the end of each playing period called a “Chukker” (8 minute period) plus a spare horse.
We also met one of the players on the Shanghai team – Abby Riggs. This is a terrible picture because she was a really cute, petite girl.

The Horse Whispers!

The Horse Expert!!

While we were talking and taking pictures, Mrytice was talking with the Manager of the Shanghai team, Steve Armour. Turns out he used his grandfather’s money to buy enough Thoroughbred horses to make up a Polo team. He named it "Shanghai"!! They travel all over the world to play. Unfortunately, I did not get his picture.

We, of course, decided to cheer for the Shanghai team!! Here is some of the action on the field.

This is Abby (1) Notice she is on a white horse.

This is Steve Armour (2), Manager of Shanghai with whom Mrytice was talking. He's on a white horse for this Chukker.
A member of the opposing team (Gypsy Stormcat) and our guy, Joe Henderson (4).

Cody Woodfin of Shanghai (3)
Abby again mixing it up with the Stormcat guys!

More action. This time it’s Cody and a Stormcat.

Abby again, notice she is riding a brown horse during this Chukker.

Steve working his horse. Notice he’s on a brown horse for this Chukker.

During half time I walked across the field to let the announcer know that the speakers to our side of the field were not working. While I was there, they announced complementary champaign to spectators who participated in the traditional divot stomp out on the field.

I of course participated in that event!!

Walking back across the field, this really, really HOT referee crossed in my path!!

I happened to capture the teams lined up on our side of the field. Notice four players for each team (Abby must be the one who is blocked by a member of Stormcat. Who is missing from the picture?? The Hot referee!!

Shanghai won the match, 9 or 10 to 7 I think!! Abby turned out to be the high scorer of the day!! I can’t believe we actually met the star player!! Congratulations, Abby!!

After the match, we stopped by Mrytice and Chuck’s for a glass of wine. They have a really nice place in Mountain Aire. We particularly liked this outdoor firepit!! Thanks guys for scoping this out for us!! It was a most enjoyable day!!!

For anyone interested in a nice afternoon at the Polo Club, Polo matches with professional players from around the world are scheduled every Sunday through March 27.

By way of this Blog, I am sending a personal invitation to Prince William to come to the Empire Polo Club to play Polo!!


Show Us The World said...

This looks like so much fun! Your pictures did a great job of capturing the day. Loved it!

Brits On Tour said...

Hi Faye, next time I see William, I'll give him your blog address so he can arrange a "chukka" lol. Looks like a great day out....

Dottie and Larry Mathias said...

Thanks for all that information. We will be in the area in a week and thought about going to a polo match, but much like you knew nothing about it. Now I do.