Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thur. Mar. 17 – Today was the first day of this 3-Day event. It was a lot of fun as the women played in the Women’s Tournament and the men played in the Men’s Tournament. At the end of play, scores from both tournaments were tallied and the top players of both sexes were put into the A Flight and lower scoring players were placed in the B Flight for the next part of the tournament to take place on Friday.

Rick ran the tournament. Great Job!

Shirley kept track of the scores, etc., etc., etc. Another job well done.

Here is some of the action on that first day of play!

Linda and Judy A.

Judy and Gloria.

Paul and Brian.
Jim B. and Bob.
Bill and Bert.
Sis and Renate.
The spectators had as much fun as the players!!

I missed the action in this match but caught them before they left the court. Here are Stephanie, Judy, Renate and Linda.

Larry and Gary.

Bert and Ken at the far end. Rick hitting the perfect overhead!

Rick and Paul.
Gloria and Annie.
Linda and Chris.
Judy A. and Faye.
Richard and Mark.
Ken with Jim P.
Paul and Mark.
Sis and Linda.

Jim P. and Rick.
Jim B. and Norby.
Howard and Brian.
Bert and Fred.
Brian with the camera shot of the day!!

A great time was had by all the participants. Looking forward to tomorrow's tournament!!

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