Sunday, March 20, 2011


Sat., Mar 19 - The last day of the 3-day Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs -- The Finals! Participants reported at 8 a.m. ready to play. Play was endless from about 8:30 to noon when the final match was played. The competition was intense!! Here is some of the action!

Faye already at work with her camera!!

The first match -- Brian with Chris.

Jessie and Linda.
Annie and Renate.
Rick and Bert.
Rick and Judy A.
Bill and Annie.
Judy A. and Bert.
Renate and Judy.
Gloria and Paul.
Brian and Stephanie.
Jim P. and Larry.
Renate and Judy.
Richard and Norby.
Faye and Ken.
Did you notice that Ken has a new Yellow Champion paddle? Now, he "STINGS LIKE A BEE"!! Even so, this is the only match he lost in the Finals -- his match with me!!

Annie and Stephanie.
Jim B. and Lynn.
Faye and Richard.
The spectators were on hand. They usually cheer for the underdog, and that is usually me! So they made quite a ruckus when I played!

When the score was 6-2 against us, I told Richard, "They won't give us a wave unless we score a point! Richard scored that point!! The spectators came through with a big wave and cheer!! We won another point, and another. At the end of the match Richard and I were the winners!! I think that's the only match I won on Saturday!! Thank you Richard and sideliners!!

Ken enjoyed the match too!

Chris and Mark.
Judy A. and Dick.
Larry and Stephanie.
Bob and Richard.
Dick and Bill.
Everyone had a great time!! Great tournament, Rick and Shirley!!

On Sunday morning, there was a Medals Ceremony. There were so many winners -- winners for each flight for each day. I could not get pictures of them all.

I did get a picture of Ken, grinning with pride after receiving the Gold Medal for B Flight!! Congratulations, Ken!! Great job!!

The Medal!!

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants!! Let's do it again next year!!!

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