Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When we were in Palm Springs five - six years ago, a group would get together and go over to Pak Inn for the Chinese Buffet at least once a month. We were not really planning to go out to eat today, but while we were at the Pickleball courts this morning, Paul invited us to join him and Carla Jo at the Pak Inn Buffet. Of course we couldn't say "No".

We had met Paul on the Pickleball courts when we wintered in Florida. We ran into them each winter for the past several years. It was unexpected that we would see them out West!

So here we are at the Pak Inn. Around the table, left to right: Roger, Paul, Ken, Faye, Carla Jo, Annie.

The only regret we have about this gathering is that it was the last time we will see Paul for a long while. Tomorrow morning they go to TT Wilderness Lakes for a week, and then will be heading back to Florida. But, a few months ago I taught him about Blogging, so we'll keep up with them on his Blog!

Thanks, Paul, for the invitation. Safe travels!!

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BJ said...

Faye, Pak Inn is one of our favorite places to eat too.