Thursday, April 21, 2011


Apr. 15 - Apr. 27 - When we went out to the Pickleball courts, there was already a group playing. They start playing about 8:30 AM; way too early for us. We are parked overlooking the courts, so Ken walks over about 9:30. I wander over about 10 AM because I've been resting my backsides.

Here is some of the action over several days.

Fred and Connie.

Don and Oland. A unique backhand!

Darrel and Ed.

This is what Pickleball is all about - Ed slams the ball at Don for a put-away!

Oland and Connie.

Sandy, Ed, Karen and Bob after their match.

Fred and Don.

Ken and Ed.

Connie and Ken.

Richard and Karen.

A competitive match! Dennis and Barb against Merralee and Oland.

Barb and Dennis. Notice Dennis using his left hand.

Oland and Merralee.

One morning Keith was at the courts!! He had come in for a couple of nights. Here Keith plays a match with Mike.

They played against Oland and Richard.

Everyone was having a great time!! There were a lot more players -- far too many to include here!!

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