Friday, April 15, 2011


Apr. 13 – Apr. 27 – After leaving our friends at Happy Trails on Wednesday morning, we checked into TT Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ. You can see why this is one of our favorite Thousand Trails Campgrounds.

This is the view as we drove into the Campground.

This is the Verde River that runs through the Verde Valley Campground.

Mountain range in the distance.

The next morning we visited with some friends who have made their homes in Cottonwood. They are both Widows now. We were glad to see them again but are sorry for their losses.

Many of you know Jean who ran the Pickleball program at TT Palm Springs with her husband, Richard, for a number of years. They had just bought their place Cottonwood when we were last out here at Verde Valley (Spring 2006). Jean is doing very well and plans to stay right where she is in Cottonwood.

I don’t think any of you know Mary whom we met at TT Pio Pico many years ago. We became friends when we discovered that her husband, Earl, went to the same Cardiologist. A few years later, when Ken discovered his heart doctor had retired, we called Earl to see who he was seeing at that time. Their recommendation turned out to be an excellent choice. Mary was always so helpful in advising us about things around Cottonwood – where to eat, places to go, which doctors they and their friends liked, etc.

We took Mary to Murphy’s Grill for their big Ruben Sandwich!!

After all, Mary is the one who told us about Murphy’s Grill years ago!!

Later that afternoon, we visited with Phil so we could meet his wife Rowena. Turns out we had met her back in 2005 during the TT LaConner Pickleball Rally. We had a good time visiting with them and still wonder how Phil could have ended up with such a lady as Rowena!! HA HA

It was a lot of fun sipping wine and trying to figure out how to make our cameras work with the timer!! Then Phil wanted to try the Video on his camera. I told him how my Sony Cyber Shot worked when I set it on Video. Turned out his works the same way.

Thanks Phil and Rowena for an enjoyable time!

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