Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Apr. 10 - Pam and Joe, with whom we have had many happy times this Winter season, invited us to join them for Fajitas tonight!! They recently bought a home in LaQuinta, CA just about five miles from TT Palm Springs. We were excited to see them again and all the changes they have made to their home. One major change is they received $2,000 rebate from some government fund to remove the grass and flowers that require watering and put in a dessert motif!! That was done this past week!

Pam was thrilled about the new trees and the various types of cactus they had planted. She was especially thrilled about the rock riverbed that runs from the house to the street!!

After a few Margaritas, we jumped into the hot tub! I was trying to use the time mechanism on my camera. This first picture, I just had time to run around the hot tub and quickly plop into place on the side!

Joe decided he could do a better job of taking the picture!

Perfection at last! Even Callie got to pose for this picture!!

After enjoying the hot tub, Pam and Joe treated us to Chicken Fajitas with all the trimmings!! UMMMMM!! It was a most enjoyable evening!

Thanks, Pam and Joe. It's been a fun Winter. See you next Fall!!

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