Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last year we heard that Canadian friends Barry and Carol had bought a winter home in Arizona Traditions, a development next to Happy Trails! Not only that! Brian and Kathy had bought a house just down the street from them!

This morning we went to have coffee with Carol and Barry. Albertson's was on our way so I picked up some Bagels and Cream Cheese to go with the coffee. This is their beautiful home! Carol mentioned the house was a Model Home and they bought it "As Is" - completely furnished!!

In the back yard there was a beautiful waterfall! It was so relaxing sitting and listening to the sound of the trickling water.

Brian and Kathy joined us for coffee and bagels. We thought the waterfall would be an ideal background for a picture of the six of us!

Carol, Barry, Kathy, Brian, Faye and Ken. (Pretty good picture for using the timer on my camera, don't you think??)

Later, we "popped" over to see Brian and Kathy's house. They said when they bought the house the interior was all shades of pink!! They had to completely remodel before moving in. Their home is beautiful, too!!

It was fun visiting with them again before leaving for TT Verde Valley about 100 miles north in Cottonwood. See you next winter, guys!! Safe travels!!

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