Saturday, June 25, 2011


Mon, Jun 20 - We met Ute and Guenter on the Pickleball courts at TT LaConner in Washington years ago. They are from Germany and have told us so many interesting things about their country.

Ute was just starting a little business at that time -- well, she thought it was going to be a little business. Today, the focus of the business has changed and it has grown by leaps and bounds!! She started her business, Silk Painting Is Fun with dying silk scarves and silk strings for jewelry. She even taught some classes to Thousand Trails members at various campgrounds. I dyed a silk scarf myself!! Now they concentrates solely on dying the strings -- thousands of them in various colors -- which she sells to wholesale buyers. In fact, they now have a warehouse in Arizona that they keep stocked with plenty of dyed strings to fill all the orders.

I thought this was interesting. Ute said they had an order from Kelloggs for a quantity of strings dyed "K Red". Kelloggs was having a conference and they used the strings to make bracelets for all the attendees!

Ute and Guenter spend their time between Arizona and Germany. In fact, on their last trip to Germany they bought a beautiful home which they love. They are planning to return to Germany next month for a period of time.

We invited them over to dinner last Monday afternoon. It was great getting together with them again! We wish you guys continued success with Silk Painting Is Fun!!

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