Thursday, October 20, 2011


Oct. 20 - We have spent two weeks at TT Wilderness Lakes, located off I-215 between Los Angeles and San Diego. We left there on Wednesday morning for two weeks at TT Palm Springs. The picture below is the group of Pickleball players who were there in the morning as we were leaving!! A whole group of great players came in yesterday!! Just as we were leaving!! Oh, Great!!

From left to right: Rich, Dee, Dean, Val, Bill, Bob, Phyllis, Ron, Ede, Jessie, Ray.

Have a lot of fun you guys!!!

Now we are at TT Palm Springs, off I-10 east of Los Angeles, about 65 miles from TT Wilderness Lakes. We arrived Wednesday afternoon, got set up, went to Costco and Home Depot, got our flu shots and pneumonia shots at Walgreens, then went to the $2 movie (saw "The Devil's Double"), picked up a pizza on our way home, and collapsed!!

It's early in the season here, nevertheless they have a number of Pickleball players here already!! Captured these guys on the courts this morning!

Left to right: Ranger Linda, Rick who runs the Pickleball program, two new players Nancy and Mike, Roy, Ken, Ranger Larry, Richard, Lee who inspires the Water Volleyball program, and long-time friend Cowboy Paul!

Later this afternoon friends Pam and Bob arrived at the park. We had not seen them since last spring so decided to have an impromptu get-together with them and a few others!!

Seated: Faye, Ken, Pam, Bob. Standing: Brian, Judy, and John. Great fun!!

It's great to be back!!


BJ said...

You are all looking great!!! Say hi to Judy and Brian from us. Good to see Jesse is still playing. :)

Brits On Tour said...

give Bob Shirley a hug from me miss that man Jane xxxxx

Teena said...

Ok Faye I think I am about convinced....I need to take up pickle ball and join Ron the next time. Every picture is wonderful and even the pic of your friend that passed....he looked the picture of that is how I want to go and be remembered...lively and lovely to the end.

You are awesome and so glad to be on your blog list.