Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Year's Eve - TT Palm Springs actually had two New Year's Eve parties. One was in the Family Lodge for everyone who was not able to purchase tickets to the real New Year's Eve party! Tickets were only $5 with everyone bringing appetisers for the food table to share with everyone.

A group of Pickleball players decided to go and bought our tickets early. It's a good thing because tickets were gone in a couple of days! That evening we had two tables together, 13 people. Diane sort of spearheaded the gathering. She suggested in addition to bringing food to share with everyone, we could have a few snacks to have at our table. You know, nuts, pretzels, little nibbles like that.

Well, here is a look at our table!!

The party got started early. Ken and Jack already acting silly. Ken has a "sweet" tiara; Jack has one tiara on his hat and made a beard with a second one!

Rich was not to be outdone. The table center piece makes a good hat!! Diane is beautiful with her tiara.

Here is a picture of one table. Diane's mother Mickey, Margie, Dean, Bill, Delores, Dee, Rich. That's Matt with his Biker shirt to the far right!

Close up of the Biker shirt!! Matt really knows how to dress for New Year's Eve!! The shirt made us immediately think of our friend, Bee Jay back home!! He'd love that shirt!!

Later in the evening, the crazy guys had a Wasabi challenge with the Wasabi from the Sushi platter!! Matt started by eating a dab of Wasabi off his finger. "Do that!" he challenged Dean and Rich. They kept the table in an uproar trying to determine who could handle the largest dab of Wasabi!! I don't know who won the challenge! They were all crazy as far as I'm concerned!!

We missed out on the big table picture, so here are Faye and Diane with Jack.

Friends of ours, Bob and Muriel, to the right, and another friend of theirs at the far left. They said later that they did not make it until midnight!! Party Poopers!!

This is the band. Not real good dancing music, but at least they were lively.

Well, most of our group did make it until midnight and danced the last song!! The party was a lot of fun!

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