Saturday, January 7, 2012


Jan. 06 - A number of Thousand Trails Pickleball players had registered to play in the Second Annual Pickleball Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club community about five miles away. They were all excited about playing!

We missed the women's doubles tournament on the first day but went the second day for the men's doubles. Here is some of the action we saw:

Jack and Roger were playing when we arrived. These two ended up winning Gold in their level. Congratulations guys!!

Rick and Jim P. were in their first match.

Paul makes a great volley. Don't know his partner.

Spectators enjoying the tournament. Ken, Bill, Hayden, Pat, Gloria.

Dean and Rich in their first round.

Frank was not competing today but he made a great referee!

Following the men's doubles, there were the women's singles matches.

An acquaintance Rosie. She is amazing!

Rosie's opponent Sue. She's great too.

Here we are enjoying the matches. Note the preppy shirts with collars appropriate for the Country Club venue! HA HA

Chuck and Jessie rode with us. Jessie participated in the tournament but today she is enjoying the men's doubles!

On Saturday, the third day of the tournament, they featured the mixed doubles matches.

Jack and Diane participated but we missed pictures of them in action.

Rick and Linda in a close match. They ended up winning Silver! Congratulations guys!!

Rich and Dee won this match.

My special, special Pickleball student; my claim to fame!! Ken and I taught Judy to play and enjoy Pickleball. Now, she is a great player and competes in lots of tournaments!! You go Judy!!

We had a great time at the Mission Hills Pickleball Tournament!! Congratulations to all the participants and winners!! Loved it!!

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