Friday, March 2, 2012


Pickleball players at TT Palm Springs and Catalina Spa have probably noticed that Dennis has not been on the courts for the past few months. That is because Dennis has been suffering with frequent intense pain in his forehead caused by an artery pressing on a nerve. The problem was diagnosed as trigemital decompression, according to Barb.

It took quite a while for everything to be aligned before surgery to be performed.

Barb called on Thursday to say that Dennis had his surgery on Wednesday. In spite of the fact that the problem was far worse than anticipated (the artery had actually started to bury itself into the nerve), the surgery had gone really well. In fact, Dennis felt so good afterward, he said he was ready to go home!! Way to go, Dennis!

Dennis and Barb are currently at Catalina Spa. Look for him back on the courts real soon!!


Brits On Tour said...

thank you so much for the up-date on Dennis, give our love to Barb if you see her xxxxxx

P & C said...

Just what they said from the other side of the pond.
Best wishes to you Dennis.
P & C